Friday, February 21, 2020

Ordering your slave to do a writing task

I enjoy to order my slave(s) to perform writing tasks. It is something really intimate. Perhaps you are now perplex about this statement and I can understand why. But to read a story or the diary of a/my slave is something intimate. You get the possibility to understand the slave's thoughts, feelings and in some kind his mindset. I love to read a honest written slave diary or a fictional slave story which caomes from the mind (and heart) of the slave. Furthermore you get the possibility to understand your slave more and that helps you to train your slave in a more efficient way. But you can also use a writing task as a punishment tool. So let's discuss the different kind of writing tasks:

Slave diary
If your slave has to write a slave diary, he has to reflect about the things he experienced. So he automatically has to reflect about his being as a slave.
Furthermore he has the possibility to write about his feelings. So what kind of thoughts and feelings he had while being used. This is much more easier to do when writing than speaking about it and of course it is more reflective for the slave.
When you are ordering your slave to write a diary make clear he has to write honestly about his feelings and thoughs! The most important thing when ordering your slave to write a diary is to give him full immunity about the things he writes down! Otherwise he has to fear for the words and feelings he is writing down. This would lead to a dissorted view about the feelings and thougts of your slave!

I order my slave to write an entry in his slave diary when a special event came up or something special or new happened. This entries are of course privat and he receives full immunity about it.

Fictional slave story
I also enjoy reading a fictional slave story (BDSM Story). So I sometimes order my slave to write one while I am on a business trip. Of course I am enjoying the story itself but I really enjoy to read the thoughts and the idea behind the story. But it is clear that the story is fictional and that it does not reflect the way how you should hold/treat your slave! But it lets you deep into the thoughs of your slave and shows you the way your slave thinks and what mindset he has about slaves. But this is hidden between the lines! It is not what is obvious!

Writing task as a punishment
Another way to use a writing task is as a punishment. The classical writing task as a punishment is to write a specific sentence 50 times or more in a row. But there are also website (like write to me) where you can set up such a task. But you can add some special rules, like for each mistake he has to write one more lines. Furthermore if the slave is typing to slow he has to writer more lines (very evil!).

So there are many reason why you can order your slave to do a writing task. For understanding what it going on in your slave, for entertaining or as punishment.

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