Thursday, August 27, 2020

My view on slaves

I decided to write a blogpost about my point of view on how I see slaves. So this blogpost will be my very personal opinion about slaves. As you probably and already know I refer to myself as a natural Master. So I have a clear view on slaves. Once a slave served me and I see that he has a certain amount of "natural submissiveness" in him he will always be branded as slave in my eyes. This means in my view he loses permanently his "status" as an "equal" human being! This does NOT mean I have no respect for him! NO, absolutely not!!
It only means that once I "branded" a person as a slave in my mind I see him hierarchically below me! Nothing more. Perhaps the best way to describe this is to refer to the working environment. There is also a hierachy installed and the worker (hopefully) earns the same respect as the leader(s).

Thursday, August 20, 2020

A thank you to the slaves on twitter!

Since my Master and I joined twitter my world somehow changed for me. I have found people to exchange my thoughts, express my ideas and I could get in contact with other Doms and submissives and also made some friends here! 
This is the reason why I want to dedicate this blogpost as a thank you to my fellow slaves, subs and pups out there who are in contact with me and have reached out to me. 

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Why I would not rent out my slave, although I find the idea hot!

I have to admit that I find the idea of lending a slave for money delightful. But let us start from the beginning. Owning a well trained slave, using him and train him further is a privilege which I extremly enjoy. When you train your slave to a specific level you are proud of him and you want to show him to other (natural) Masters. There are BDSM parties to do so or you invite other Master(friends) over. I really enjoy that.

The idea of lending my slave to another Master for money is a cool mindset. Receiving money for your "work" you have done and showing him off are some nice thoughts! But it will stay a mindset! "Why?" are you asking?

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Where I want to improve my slave skills

A user asked recently if I would think I would need to improve my slave skills or if I was at my best.
This is a very good question indeed! First of all I think as a slave you need constant training not only to get better but to keep your level of skills. That is why my Master trains me on different aspects on a regular basis.
Yes I definitely think I can and I should improve my skills. As slave I always try to become better to be able to serve my Master in a better way. This can be when I try out a new recipe and improve my cooking skills, when I do sports to improve my fitness etc. 
Of course my Master tells me from time to time fields where he wants me to improve my skills. Obviously he has trained me over years how to suck his dick and lick his balls exactly the way he enjoys it most, how he likes to get his drinks served, how I should kneel, bow down etc.