Thursday, August 13, 2020

Why I would not rent out my slave, although I find the idea hot!

I have to admit that I find the idea of lending a slave for money delightful. But let us start from the beginning. Owning a well trained slave, using him and train him further is a privilege which I extremly enjoy. When you train your slave to a specific level you are proud of him and you want to show him to other (natural) Masters. There are BDSM parties to do so or you invite other Master(friends) over. I really enjoy that.

The idea of lending my slave to another Master for money is a cool mindset. Receiving money for your "work" you have done and showing him off are some nice thoughts! But it will stay a mindset! "Why?" are you asking?

First of all, as you can read in this article I need to have the full trust into another Master. My slave is my most precious possession I have! He trusts me over all and I am responsible for his safety! Therefore I have to be sure that he is always safe! Because of that I would never ever lend my slave to an unknown or a Master which I do not trust 10000%! So therefore I want to know the Master to whom I would lend my slave. But here comes the crux about the idea of lending my slave to another Master: When I have this absolut trust into another Master I would not ask for money. When you have 1000% trust in another person he is a pal, a friend. Furthermore to receive my absolut trust it will first come to a point where I want to see how this Master interacts with slaves or especially with my slave. So when I want to know a Master colleague better I order my slave to serve me and the other Master. Therefore the visitor will enjoy the benefits of the service of my slave.

An additional reason is: If I would lent my slave to another Master I want that this Master understands the value of my well trained slave and what kind of trust this Master receives from my side. Furthermore I want that my slave serves the Master for his (BDSM) enjoyment. I trained my slave to more than only for "sex"! It would be a waste of use to use my slave for sex. There are a lot of submissives who enjoy to be fucked but only a few slaves are natural slaves who seek to serve superiors in many ways. Therefore I need to know the Master and his "mindset" and when you reached the point where the trust is solid and you know the Master the person became a pal/friend.

And because of the reasons above I believe that I will never lend my slave for money.

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fs001 said...

So wise and full of attention and care (not to say love...) for Your sub, Sir.

fs001 said...

Sorry. i should have said for Your slave, Sir.

Anonymous said...

My previous Master was freaking amazing and I was totally in love with him and he didn't let me serve anyone because he knows I only love him and he was responsible for love. He actually punished me very very hard when i asked to serve another Dom for an hour I now know why he didn't let me serve anyone else... Because he loved me too! Dawg that man deserved all my soul.