Thursday, February 28, 2019

Marking my slave permanently

Today is a special day!
Today my slave received his “slave tattoo”. He received my Master emblem on his body. The biggest joy for me is that he told me he is ready for this step. Of course, I could command him to receive a tattoo, but it would reduce the “emotional value” of it.
To know that my beloved slave is ready and wants the tattoo makes it more “emotional valuable”. To me and to him. Also, because it is an act to show his love to me! He knows since the beginning that I would be honored to have my slave permanently marked.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Master Emblem/Logo

For many years I have been thinking about an own emblem/logo which represents me and matches with my personality. An emblem/logo which should also be inconspicuous.

The idea of an own Master emblem was since the  beginning in me. For me it has also to do with style. It can be very stylish and authentic to have an own emblem. It gives the whole situation a very personal touch. As you read in previous posts BDSM has for me less to do with sex. It is a form of lifestyle, something esthetic.
Sitting in a chair, drinking wine out of a glass which is engraved with the Master emblem and reading a book, while my slave is on all four licking my feed in an esthetic posture! That picture represents for me BDSM lifestyle. And if the glass is empty my slave has to refill it. If he does not see it in time (that the glass is empty) or his posture is not proper he receives a whiplash.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Signs that you are a natural Master

Today I want to list some signs which indicates that you or someone else is a "natural" Master.
The most of the points are quite obvious. So let's beginn:

It's not about sex! It is about hierarchy

When you are having a slave it is not about sex! It is about hierarchy.
Of course you use the slave for your sexual lust but it is not in the foreground. It is about hierarchy, domination. It is about train him to be a better slave for your needs, to see him serve you, to see him working for you. It is about trust, security, responsibility and perhaps affection/love! You want and take the responsibility for the slave. It makes you happy to have these responsibilities and you are proud of it.

Because it is about hierarchy and not about sex you do not need to be horny to dominate a slave. If you want to become a drink, your feet licked or other staff you order the slave to do so. A natural Master sees the slaves always as a slave.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

When my Master is on business trips

Once in a while my Master has to go on business trips. Being physically separated from my Master is
always hard for me as a slave. Normally as a slave I would love to accompany my Master on his business trips and serve him there, but for different reasons that is only possible in a few cases.
So when my Master leaves for business trips he informs me about his trips, so I can prepare everything for him. I pack his luggage according to the length of the stay, the reason for the business trip (appropriate clothing) and the weather that is forecasted on the location.

This is just the basic packing. Additionally he tells me when there are special things he would need on his trips. For example, presents for a business partner etc. and I purchase them. Sometimes I also have to pack toys, when he intends to meet a sub on a trip.

Friday, February 1, 2019

BDSM-(Lifestyle) Outing - Comment Response

I received a comment in my Post "Disadvantage of the BDSM Lifestyle" which was such a great comment that I decide to respond with an own blogentry.

This time I want to share my thoughts about "BDSM Outing". Most have heard about outing in case of homosexuality. In my point of view there is also an BDSM outing which can be much harder combined with homosexuality. Furthermore it can be even harder when you are living the BDSM lifestyle but first I want to start where this blogentry started: By the comment of Fox Meeker.

For those of you which did not read the comment - here it is: