Friday, February 22, 2019

Master Emblem/Logo

For many years I have been thinking about an own emblem/logo which represents me and matches with my personality. An emblem/logo which should also be inconspicuous.

The idea of an own Master emblem was since the  beginning in me. For me it has also to do with style. It can be very stylish and authentic to have an own emblem. It gives the whole situation a very personal touch. As you read in previous posts BDSM has for me less to do with sex. It is a form of lifestyle, something esthetic.
Sitting in a chair, drinking wine out of a glass which is engraved with the Master emblem and reading a book, while my slave is on all four licking my feed in an esthetic posture! That picture represents for me BDSM lifestyle. And if the glass is empty my slave has to refill it. If he does not see it in time (that the glass is empty) or his posture is not proper he receives a whiplash.

But back to the topic. I instructed a logo designer to create an emblem for me and told him what it should stand for. After a some days I received 3-4 drafts and immediately fell in love with one emblem/logo. Especially because there is something hidden which you only see if you know it. Furthermore, if you would see it you would not relate the emblem to BDSM. So, I can also use it outside the scene. That makes it even more useful!

So for a while I have my own Master emblem and since then I started to use it more and more.
As example: For the servant-protocol my slave has to set the table with glasses that have the Master emblem engraved. Also when another Master colleague is visiting the "special" glasses are used. Another example of using my Master emblem is a wax seal stamp. When I go on a business trip and I lock the cock of my slave up, I put an emergency key in an envelope which has my seal on it. So, I would notice if my slave brakes it without my permission.

If you have any question, comments or more ideas what you can do with an own Master emblem let me know in the comment below.


fs001 said...

Sir, with all due respect and if i may ask (though i know curiosity killed the cat), what does Your emblem look like, Sir? Have You ever posted a pic of it somewhere, Sir?
Please accept my apologies if You believe my question is inappropriate, Sir.

Master D. said...

Hi slave,
unfortunatly I do not reveal my emblem/logo. We reveal a lot of explicite and detailed content about our lifestyle. The price for it is anonymity. What I tell: It is inconspicuous but has a "secret" in it.

Anonymous said...

How do u know when it's the right tattoo.? I want to get a tattoo for my master but I don't know what to get or where to even start looking for ideas!