Thursday, February 14, 2019

Signs that you are a natural Master

Today I want to list some signs which indicates that you or someone else is a "natural" Master.
The most of the points are quite obvious. So let's beginn:

It's not about sex! It is about hierarchy

When you are having a slave it is not about sex! It is about hierarchy.
Of course you use the slave for your sexual lust but it is not in the foreground. It is about hierarchy, domination. It is about train him to be a better slave for your needs, to see him serve you, to see him working for you. It is about trust, security, responsibility and perhaps affection/love! You want and take the responsibility for the slave. It makes you happy to have these responsibilities and you are proud of it.

Because it is about hierarchy and not about sex you do not need to be horny to dominate a slave. If you want to become a drink, your feet licked or other staff you order the slave to do so. A natural Master sees the slaves always as a slave.

You use your slave for non sexual tasks

If your motto is "a slave only use for sex is a waste!" then the chance are high that you are a real master. So you want to use your slave in many ways! Serving you by cleaning the house, bringing out the trash, cook for you, wash the car, bringing you drinks, becoming a foot massage, using him as a foot stool and so on. You enjoy his devotion.

It has to be authentic!

It is extremely important to you that it is authentic/real. You do not play a role and you hate it when slaves "plays" the role of a slave. Their thoughts and body language has to be authentic. You are who you are. As Master you do not have to scream/shout to be dominant, you exude domination without screaming. The slaves feels your "authority".
When you tie a slave up it is important to you that he can not free himself. The details matters and are important. For example how he has to stand in which situation. How he should bring you your drinks. It is about the way he serves.

It does not end with a session or an orgasm

You are not driven by horniness. You see the slave for what he is: a slave and human being. That will not change after you orgasm. You still dominate the slave after you orgsm and does not end the session. You do not need a orgsm to enjoy the slave (or the session).
You love the aesthetic: When the slaves take is position perfectly you can watch him and enjoy the view and sip on your drink. Also you see the slave as a slave when the session ends. You still give him some order after you finished a session and you are talking together or he has still rules to follow.

You are frustrated about slaves who only want sex

You want slaves who enjoys serving you. So when you chat with potential slaves it is not primarily about sex or their lust. You won't talk about the size of your or his dick. Of course you have to clarify what is possible with the slave, what are the tabus and experience and so on. But you do not want to give him a protocol about the session.

You probably want a natural slave

Last but not least you search for natural slave. Perhaps you dream of a slave who lives with you in the BDSM lifestyle. A slave which you can train. Which you can form to your needs and pleasure. To learn him what and how he has to perform things. That is the greatest thing to a natural Master.

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