Monday, November 12, 2018

The natural Master

In many of my posts I have used the term "true" or "natural" Master. So I thought I should spent some time in explaining what this term means for me.

In my opinion there are only quite a few natural Masters. My Master is of course one of them, otherwise I would not have become his natural slave. In this post I'm not going to write about my Master, this will be a post on its own, but I will talk a little bit about natural Masters.

What is a natural Master?
Natural Masters are in principle ordinary males. Ordinary because they can have any age, race, job etc. There is not a special look or a special type of a natural Master. But they are in particular extraordinary because they are superior males. Not superior to all males, but to the ones who consider themselves as slaves and that want to submit. Those natural Masters feel naturally that there are others which should serve them.
When you meet a natural Master they have a natural authority. That does not mean that they are always in heavy boots, with a whip in their hand, grim looking and shouting orders all the time. But you feel that they are superior males and that they know that they are natural Masters. When in contact with a natural Master it is clear who is in charge and who is the Master and who the slave. Those Master don't need to show their authority by making their slave small. They just have it. Real authority comes for me when a natural Master is talking to you in a normal way and you still know he is absolutely in charge and he can give you any kind of order and you as a natural slave will always fulfill it.

How can you tell if someone is natural Master?
The few natural Masters I know enjoy sessions. They enjoy having a slave around them that serves them in many ways. And that I think is also a key aspect: For natural Masters sex is not the main focus. Of course: Most of them like to get their dick sucked and to fuck a slave, but that is not the main interest of them. In fact most of the sessions I had with natural Masters contained no sex at all.  When those Masters realized that I was a natural slave they decided to use me in other ways than  just sucking dick. That can be for example: licking boots, sneaks and feet, being a dog or a pony, being furniture, serving food and drinks, picking up groceries, doing the laundry etc.

How can you find and submit to a natural Master?
So if you say you are a natural slave and have meet a Master. You have already had two or three sessions with him and now you want to know if he is a natural Master or not. Asking is not a choice, because many will say that they are natural Masters. What they really mean ist that they are session Masters. And some natural Masters I have meet wouldn't consider them as natural Master, for them it is just they way they are and they don't need a word for it. So how can you know? I would suggest: Starting bringing little presents to the Master. Ask what he or she likes to drink or eat and prepare those things for a present. You will show that you are an attentively being and that you care for the wellbeing of the Master not only during session. During, before and after a session be a good servant. Offer to serve drinks. When you serve them kneel down. Don't sit with the Master after the session on the couch. Sit in front of him on the floor to his feet and see how he reacts. Maybe he will like it! It might become natural for both of you that from now own you are not aloud to use furniture anymore. From there you can go step by step further. Offer to do different chores for the Master to make his life easier that have nothing to do with the session itself. For example: doing the laundry, picking up things at shops, washing the dishes etc. But of course, be careful not to get exploited, a natural Master won't do that!
When he is a natural Master and he sees that you are up to do those things than he will tell you what he really wants that you can fulfill. Interestingly I have made the experience that it was almost never the natural Master that made the first step toward those tasks. Most of them are frustrated by session slaves, that promise more that they can hold. So it is really sometimes the slave that has to do the first step and to show that he is willingly to serve more. From there it can go in many ways.
Of course it can happen that he does not respond to those things. I have met several Masters who where dominant and tough as hell to me during the session, but after that they lost all their authority, brought me drinks and felt uncomfortable when I sat on the floor. I don't say that this wasn't nice. Having sessions with Masters is great, and you serve those men anyway. They just need other services than natural Masters.

And theres is one more thing: All of the natural Masters I have met, they never switch. Being submissive, being obedient is not in their concept. Maybe they have tried it when they were younger to get experience, but it is not their desire. It is their desire to find a slave or more that serve them. Accept them as natural Masters and to do everything to make them happy. By living with them or meeting with them in the best sessions they can imagine.
So good luck on your quest if you really want to find a natural Master!

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Unknown said...

Seems worthwhile waiting then
Wish he would come along soon master

Master D. said...

Hi slave!
Don't give up! Make experiences on your journey as unowned slave. So that when the right Master is coming along you can please him and he can be excited about you!
The route is the goal. Do not set fix goals (ex. how he should look like or how he should dominate you) make them flexible. Otherwise you will be disappointed and you will miss your master because you are fixed on your imagination how it should be.
The best things you will most likely find when you are not searching or when you have no image how it should look like.
Stay tuned