Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Being ridden at the farm.

My Master already wrote about the ridding evening when we visited the farm. Now I have the honor to add my point of view of this evening.

Being a human pony and being ridden by a Master is a unique experience for me as a slave. I can understand that this is not for everybody, but I had it always in me. Getting down on all fours, being reduced to a working animal and carrying the Master around and feeling his weight - that is some good way to use a slave in my opinion! In fact I knew that I liked this special kind of BDSM from the very beginning of my slave-carrier. From my early days as a young slave I searched for Masters that enjoyed the same.

In fact it was me that brought this way of using a slave to my Master. He had never tried it before and I showed it to him. Luckily he loved it from the start and even found ways to intensify the riding. During our visit I had the opportunity to carry two different riders. I have great respect for the Rider on the farm. He is also one of the view natural real Masters I know. He likes to have slaves that perform different chores for him and he is especially into human ponies. Being naked on all fours and feeling how the gear is set up, not knowing if I could carry the Rider sufficiently or if if would get the crop a lot - that is an arousing feeling for a slave. The feeling of fear and excitement in the same moment. For me it was great to feel the Rider on my back. He wore heavy work boots and jeans. During our last visits he was wearing leather allover. He is quite experienced in riding human ponies and knows how to handle them. Only with the clicking of his tongue, the pulling at the rein and the use of the crop I know if he wants me to go forward, backward, change the direction, slow down or go faster. He did not use the crop to punish me or hurt me, but to give me signals to help me understand what he wants from his human pony. He is not a sadist, but he expects that his ponies act as he wishes and that they give 100% at least.

Ponyriding is one of the things were both the pony and the rider need training. Not only the slave has to be trained, but the Master also needs experience and training to know which signals to give and to feel when the human pony is totally exhausted. Or to know when he the pony can still be ridden but maybe needs a little help with the crop. When rider and pony are well expierienced they become kind of a unity. The movement of the Rider - his wishes - flow directly via the rein or his thighs to the pony. I enjoyed carrying this Rider a lot because I knew I served him well in the way it gives him pleasure. My Master and the Rider shared me ridding. After that I was totally exhausted.

My Master and the Rider enjoyed the rest of the evening talking to each other. Both sat on the couch and I was on all fours and licking the boots of my Master and the Rider. My Master wore military boots and the Rider wore work boots. He really uses them for work, so my tongue indeed had to do some cleaning. Both Masters excepted me as I was, just a normal slave that was licking the boots, that could be used as chair and bring some drinks. I think at some point they forgot that I was there because they started to talk about me in third person. This is were I know that they really saw me as a normal slave which was only here to serve them as Masters.

If you have any question or comments about me being ridden at the farm let me know in the comment below.

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