Thursday, August 29, 2019

Meeting a slave on my business trips

And there was another business trip!
It was an intense week and my slave was at home doing his chores! I went to a bigger city to enjoy my weekend while sightseeing. While enjoying my Saturday a slave from that city began to chat with me and I decided that I could need a slave for the evening. I ordered him to my room and told him to bring some gear with him. Furthermore, I ordered him to wear his chastity device. His dick will not be needed and as guest slave which serves me the first time, he has first to proof himself worthy of serving me.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Serving my Master on his business trip

Normally when my Master goes on a business trip I take care of him and his luggage before and after his trip and take care of our flat. Recently I could take some days off and join him during a longer business trip for some days to serve him. My Master made clear that he wanted his slave on this business trip and not his partner. So he set strict and clear rules what he expected from me during the trip.
It started with traveling. Although I was free to choose the means of transportation I decided to fly economy and to use public transport to reach the hotel of my Master. My Master was very pleased with that decision of mine, although also free people use that way he said he found it more appropriate for me as a slave to take those means of transportation. He of course traveled business class and rented a car to reach his hotel.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

BDSM events - How to start a converation.

As you perhaps have read, I sometime present my slave on BDSM events. I really like to see the faces from other people when they recognize that there is something really "special" about our BDSM-relationship. When they notice that my slave is still kneeling before me without moving a muscle while facing the exact same spot for over 30 minutes, only waiting to receive further commands, while I am drinking my beer or chatting with other people or when they notice that he only receives orders by hand signal.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

My Masters cock

My Owner has recently written (see here) how he treats my cock and how he enjoys to keep me chaste and to edge me a lot to keep me horny and make me more submissive. So I decided to write about the cock of my Master.
Our BDSM-relationship is much more than about sex, but of course a lot is about serving my Master in a sexual way and pleasing him. Since he has started to own me my Master performed a lot of training of me on sucking his dick in the right way.
I can recall when he started to own me he was pleased that I already was a good submissive cocksucker. I had served some Masters and men before and always concentrated in giving them the best sucking. Some have been irritated when I did not even touch my own dick while I was giving them a blowjob, but others enjoyed it. For the record: For me it always felt wrong touching myself while I was sucking a superior. I only performed it when I was ordered to and when it gave the superior pleasure seeing me masturbating.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Tips for maintaining your BDSM-relationship

My Master and I have been living for some years now as Master and slave and we both enjoy it!
In this time we met and have heard about some other couples that failed with their BDSM-relationship. The reasons where different: Some broke up for various reasons but most of them turned from hard to vanilla in a pretty short time. We sometimes are asked how we manage to keep our Master slave relationship alive over such a long time.