Thursday, August 29, 2019

Meeting a slave on my business trips

And there was another business trip!
It was an intense week and my slave was at home doing his chores! I went to a bigger city to enjoy my weekend while sightseeing. While enjoying my Saturday a slave from that city began to chat with me and I decided that I could need a slave for the evening. I ordered him to my room and told him to bring some gear with him. Furthermore, I ordered him to wear his chastity device. His dick will not be needed and as guest slave which serves me the first time, he has first to proof himself worthy of serving me.

When he arrived, I was sitting in the chair and reading my book. He prepared himself in the bathroom, then crawled to my feed and began to lick as ordered. I did not give him any attention for quite a while. I took a glimpse and saw that his posture was not really good. Before I put my effort into this slave, I wanted to see his mindset. I grabbed his head and pressed it against the floor. He understood that he has to wait in this position. I looked at the gear he brought with him and chose the handcuffs. I took his hands and tied them up behind his back. He had to continue licking my feeds in an exhausting position. Which he did quite well! I decided to uncuff him and showed him what I am expecting. I corrected his back posture twice, afterward he understood. Every time his posture was incorrect, he received a slap. Unfortunately I had no crop with me!

After 1,5 hours I tested him. He had two possibilities. 1. Continue licking or 2. Go to the bathroom dress up and go home. His answer showed me that he wanted to be used as slave to serve my desires! I played sometimes with his nipples, but he received no other stimulation. He was kneeling before me with only one purpose: licking my feed. He wanted to stay! So I continue reading. After a while I noticed that he struggled. The hours had done their work on his knees. So I asked him if he had a last wish before I send him home. “I want to stay, Sir”. I was impressed. He struggled with kneeling, he licked over 2 hours and wanted to stay! I let him lick a little bit longer and send him home afterward.

But I made the decision to meet him again, but the next time together with my slave.

Time went by and I brought my slave with me to my next business trip . I organized the other slave to our room. Of course my slave knew nothing about it. He was kneeling naked in the corner wearing only his mask, cuffs, collar and holding my crop with his mouth.

As ordered the guest slave rushed to the bathroom and prepared himself as ordered. This time my slave had to give him the first lessons. The first three position which he has to know. After showing him that, they came on all fours to me and I checked if the guest slave learned them correctly. Afterward I ordered both to lick my feed. I saw that the guest slave wore his chastity device as ordered. So after I while I went to the bathroom and took the key to his chastity device. I put it in an envelope and sealed it with my Master emblem.

"In this sealed envelop is the key to your chastity device! When we meet the next time you will bring it with you! If you break the seal without my permission we will never meet again! In case of an emergence you have to write me! Is that clear?" - "Yes Sir!" -"Good then proceed with licking"

That night I trained him how to serve properly. I hope he will remember his lesson when I meet him again and more important I hope he will bring the envelop with an unbroken seal!

I really look forward to see him again.

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Slave JS said...

I’m so thankful to have had these opportunities to serve such a wonderful Sir. Even more so that he took the time to talk about our experiences in his blog. Here’s my account of our time spent together.

We first met, seemingly randomly. It was a Saturday afternoon and i was home which is unusual for me so i scrolled around and saw someone new to chat with. It was really nice chatting with him, i could tell he was serious, but he also allowed me to be me and have my personality. I wasn’t at all prepared to serve in a way that was acceptable to Sir. He mercifully commented about my poor posture a couple of times. I feel he had to correct me several times. The bigger mistake that I made in the evening was letting out a short audible laugh at one time. While licking Sir’s feet, he pushed me away once so he could spit on them, except he missed his foot and it landed on the carpet. I reflexively laughed which was met with one of the many slaps I got that evening as a corrective measure since he did not have his crop. None of his slaps hurt, but they were quick reminders to do better. Sir pointed out that after serving him extensively on my knees that I was visibly in some pain. It probably was not the safest decision for my to request to stay even, but it was one of the few opportunities to prove that I was serious about my commitment to serve him well.

After I left, he immediately messaged me and praised me for my performance. I was very thankful for the kind words and we exchanged a few more messsages about the experience. At the time, I figured it would be a one time experience since he lives so far away and already has a slave so us meeting again would be very difficult. I was really thankful that work brought him here again and I could serve him. The only night he had available was a Wednesday so I met him that evening fairly late and was allowed to serve. I wake up at 5:30 in the morning for work each day, so I don’t typically stay out very late on a weekday. I made an exception without hesitating for this opportunity to serve again.

To be continued.

Slave JS said...

Part 2

The second time we met, I was more nervous than the first. I didn’t want to have him make so many corrections as he did last time so he knew that I was serious. His slave immediately taught me a few positions and I successfully showed them to Sir when instructed. He could tell I was nervous and calmly told me to relax and enjoy myself when he instructed his slave to lick my balls. I wasn’t sure how to respond, although I was truly enjoying myself. I smiled and kept my eyes on Sir as he smiled right back at me. That allowed me to calm down and focus better rather than serve in fear of punishment. Speaking of punishment, I did screw up a few times again that evening which Sir had his crop now to ensure I do better next time. Most memorably, when refilling my Sir’s drink, I once overfilled the drink and spilled a little on the carpet on my way back to him which made me want to cry because it was such a bad mistake. I counted many times in the evening as the crop hit my ass, but Sir never lost his patience in me and even rewarded and praised me when I did well. The nipple clamps was my proudest moment. Sir put them on me and I didn’t make a sound which was met with praise right away. He showed me how his slave responds to them and I felt good about being able to do something well without needing correction. Everything else throughout the evening, Sir’s slave served perfectly. He is a fantastic slave, an excellent teacher, and I’m thankful to have been able to serve with him.

After I left, Sir and i again exchanged messages while I was on my train home. He had talked about coming back sometime in September which was over a month away. That’s a long time to be in chastity with no release, but I didn’t care. I’m so happy serving him the few times I see him that it makes the long time apart worth it. He frequently messages me to check in and make sure I’m ok. I see these messages sometimes at work or when I wake up in the middle of the night and immediately respond. Not because Sir requires it, but because I choose to make his messages a priority and want him to know that any chance I get I’m going to show him how much I want to continue to serve. Words can’t express how good it feels to serve and having met Sir as well as his slave. I look forward to continued months of chastity with the occasional opportunity to serve again in person. I can’t wait to see him next and am thankful his business brings him close to me so often. In our next few meetings, I look forward to continuing to learn how to serve Sir well and to show him my continued desire to be a good slave for him.

Anonymous said...

i would love to serve as a slave to someone never having done it before