Thursday, December 24, 2020

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Thanks for following us and your interest in your lifestyle.

See you in 2021!

Thursday, December 17, 2020

The use of social media as slave

Like everybody I use social media. And I really love it, because it helps me to stay informed, be in contact with people, meet new people and even make some friends. Especially twitter is great in this, as long as it allows kink content.

But of course like everybody I also see the bad sides of social media. So I decided to reflect a little bit about how I as slave use it and where I see the benefits and problems.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

What choices I give my slave

Many people thinksthat when you are a Master you decide everything. Yes of course you can decide everything if you want to but you also decide when you give your slave a choice. There are key events on your way into the BDSM-lifestyle/relationship where it is extremly important to give your slave the choice.
So before you find a slave who comes over to serve you the first time, the slave already made his first choice: He chooses to serve you. You didn't force him to. This is a important step into a healthy BDSM-relationship. It was his choice to start the path into submission with you, he accepted you as a dominant and gave you the first trust which you can deepen.

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Our transition from "part time" to "full time" BDSM-relationship.

A nice Mistress asked me how it has been at the beginning of our relationship when we changed from part time to full time BDSM-relationship.

I can reflect a little bit from my slave perspective about that. First of all I think it might be different from other BDSM couples, because we started as Master and slave and only later become a couple. We both always wanted to live the BDSM lifestyle. Master was seeking for a slave and I was seeking for an owner. In the beginning I only served part time. That means I only served on the weekends, during holidays etc.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

BDSM & Punishment

I recently read a comment here on our blog with some questions about punishment which had a very good point. I made some thoughs and decided to write the next article about punishment in BDSM. Punishment is for me an essential part of the BDSM lifestyle. But we really have to distinguish some point here. Keep in mind: My slave wants to serve properly and would never intend to do a mistake on purpose.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

A normal Tuesday as Master and slave

A very friendly Master recently asked me on witter what a normal Tuesday looks like in a BDSM-relationship. Just an average day, without a guest slave, without the High protocol etc. I am very happy to answer the question. If you are interested in other topics you can also write me and I will try to cover them.

First of all we are probably just a normal couple that spends a normal Tuesday. We get up, we go to work, we come home, we spend the evening together, we love each other. A normal day for so many couples. But of course some things are different in a BDSM relationship and I try to describe a normal day.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Slaves and limits

Limits are part of BDSM and it should be common sense that everything what would harm a slave permanently - physically as well as mentally - are clear limits! Therefore consciously overstepping a slave limits can cause "mental damage" espacially in the ability of trusting others! Furthermore you risk that the slave will not further explore his inner need to submit and in the worst case the community loses perhaps a good slave! After mentioning this most important lines I will dig deeper in the topic of "limits".

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Where I sleep as a slave

A short time ago I made a poll on twitter where Master's who live with their slaves let their slaves sleep. The outcome and the discussions where quite interesting! Most of the Masters let sleep their slave in their bed, followed by cage and floor and only a few Masters allowed their slaves to sleep in a bed for their own. So I decided to write a little bit about where my Master lets me sleep. 
I am not allowed to use any furniture in our flat without my Master's permission, this applies also for the bed of course. But I am very lucky that my Master loves to have me in his bed with him. Of course it is not a rule that I am allowed to sleep in bed with him every day. 

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Feelings, empathy and BDSM

Feelings are for me an essential and important part in BDSM and for the BDSM-lifestyle! I love to be responsable for a slave, using his slavebody and train him to get better in serving. It is my passion to dominate slaves - which I believe I was born with. Receiving the fullest trust and devotion from an inferior is the most precious good you can receive in my point of view! It gives me joy to train and see progress in forming a slave. Therefore (positive) "feelings" are a an essential part for a healty BDSM-relationship.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Being used as a cleaning object

I exist to serve my Master. My Master knows that and he uses me in many ways. This time I want to tell you about one special way my Master uses me which brings my submissiveness out in fullest. My Master uses me as an object if it pleases him and I also have to take care of the household. On Saturdays he combines those two ways of using me. Of course not every Saturday is the same but quite often Master and I get up on a Saturday morning. First thing I serve him his Master coffee, lick his feet while he enjoys the coffee and reads the news. After that I am allowed to have my breakfast in the cage. After that Master usually turns me into his cleaning object to take care of the flat on Saturday morning.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Why I locked my slave's cock in "locktober"

I locked the slavecock of my slave away on the first of October and told him that he will participate in "locktober". So I own my slave now for about a decade and he bears my Masteremblem as a tattoo on his slaveskin. So perhaps you are now asking why I ordered him into the locktober?
First of all in everyday life I hold my slave chaste and he has to wear sometimes a cage. I use orgasms as a tool to reward slaves. My slave has no right for an orgasm but he can "earn" one but you can read more about it here and here. So after he became my slave his slavecock and sexuality no longer belonged to him. I own it and because I have no use for his slavecock why should he not participate in "locktober"? So as a well trained slave the 30 days should not be a problem for him. It shows how well trained he is and I am sure he can be supportive to other slaves by participating.  So I thought by ordering him to participate on locktober he could motivate and encourage the slave community out there.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

My thoughts on "participating" in "Locktober"

My Master has decided that he wants to have his slave participate for the first time ever in "Locktober". I had known this concept before and seen it on the internet. But I was not particularly interested in this idea because since I became the slave of my Master I always have to stay chaste and I am not allowed to touch my dick. Only my Master releases me from time to time if I have earned it or if he decides to do so. So staying chaste for one month or being locked for one month is nothing new to me.
But I can understand how people are interested in "Locktober". Staying chaste for your partner, for your Master is incredibly hot, shows a lot of trust and helps many submissive become more submissive. But of course staying chaste for a long time after you had spent your life fucking and jerking off as you wished can be very hard. So being locked from one day to another and having to stay chaste for a month can be a real challenge. In this case I think it can be helpful to know that around the globe thousands of other submissives are also chaste during "Locktober" and probably having the some struggles and challenges of staying chaste. I can help to feel united as submissives!

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Objectification of slaves

Objectification of a slave is for me an important and essential part of BDSM. I see my slave as my property and belonging. Therefore I see him - as well as guestslaves - as kind of objects. I chose explicitly the term "kind of object" because slaves are of course also human beings with feelings and emotions. As you know when a slave decides to serve me he automatically gets branded as slave in my mind but he also becomes an object towards me and I believe that lies in the nature of a slave. The slave is losing a big part of his self-determination towards the Master. That makes him a kind of an object. Just like owning a pet. 

Of course there are several level of objectification. The first level of objectification is the normal Master/slave relationship where the slave belongs to his Master and therefore also is his object. But in the first level of this objectivication the slaves keeps his "identity". With identity I mean that you are not covering up the face of the slave and therefore you recognize his "identity" and his facial expression. Don't forget we recognize and identify people almost exclusively by their faces! For us humans faces are like fingerprints.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

BDSM and romance

When your Master is also your partner and husband you might wonder if there is space for romance in a BDSM-relationship.
Yes there is! And I think romance is no contrast to a BDSM-relationship. Of course every couple has to decide for themselves if and how much romance they want and need. But I can say that my Master and I enjoy those romantic moments. Other BDSM couples we know, wo also live a very strict BDSM-life, have their moments of romance too. Of course romance is totally different for everybody. For me it means showing affection, setting small actions to show how much you care about your partner and taking time for each other where you only celebrate your relationship.

Friday, September 18, 2020

Consent & BDSM

This time I decided to write about consent in BDSM and how this matches up. Because BDSM & consent could look like that it would be contrary but it is not! So first of all: Yes, there is a consent between a Master and his slave and the consent is needed! It is not like that someone is sitting at home and from nowhere a Master/Mistress is appearing and is "enslaving" a guy (or woman) - who perhaps never heard about BDSM.
It starts with someone feeling and persuing a desire - the desire to dominate or serve. Perhaps this person will find the courage to satisfy his desire and explores it. Therefore he tries to connect on social media like recon, BDSM-Bars and so on. So the first time you find a glimps of consent in BDSM is in the action you take to find your inner needs and by wanting them satisfied! A Master wants to dominate and a slave wants to serve and with the first "session" you start to build up the trust and security which could perhaps lead to the desire of deepen BDSM and perhaps the desire to live the BDSM lifestyle.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

A thank you to the Doms on twitter!

Some weeks ago I thanked the slaves and subs who are on twitter, who share their story and who are in contact with me. I explained why it is important for me to be in contact with other slaves. 
But of course I am also very thankful to the Doms on twitter and so I want to dedicate this post to you Sirs!
As a natural submissive I was always shy to approach Doms, because I think they are so much above me in the natural hierarchy that I should not disturb them by contacting them. This has not changed since I am owned. It is still very rare that I contact Doms on twitter. On the one hand of course because I am an owned slave, but I still think of myself as a natural submissive who should not disturb natural Alphas. I follow a lot of Doms on twitter and I am thankful for the stories, picture and thoughts they share!

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Anal penetration on slaves

I use my slave for various chores and tasks. Living the BDSM lifestyle is more then fucking a slave. It is for some - or perhaps only for a few - of us a attitude to life. The aesthetic of the slavebody while taking the ordered/trained pose. Getting served a drink or receiving the full trust of the slave when playing with his slavebody for my pleasure. The slavebody - this brings me to my topic of today: Anal penetration on slaves.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

My view on slaves

I decided to write a blogpost about my point of view on how I see slaves. So this blogpost will be my very personal opinion about slaves. As you probably and already know I refer to myself as a natural Master. So I have a clear view on slaves. Once a slave served me and I see that he has a certain amount of "natural submissiveness" in him he will always be branded as slave in my eyes. This means in my view he loses permanently his "status" as an "equal" human being! This does NOT mean I have no respect for him! NO, absolutely not!!
It only means that once I "branded" a person as a slave in my mind I see him hierarchically below me! Nothing more. Perhaps the best way to describe this is to refer to the working environment. There is also a hierachy installed and the worker (hopefully) earns the same respect as the leader(s).

Thursday, August 20, 2020

A thank you to the slaves on twitter!

Since my Master and I joined twitter my world somehow changed for me. I have found people to exchange my thoughts, express my ideas and I could get in contact with other Doms and submissives and also made some friends here! 
This is the reason why I want to dedicate this blogpost as a thank you to my fellow slaves, subs and pups out there who are in contact with me and have reached out to me. 

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Why I would not rent out my slave, although I find the idea hot!

I have to admit that I find the idea of lending a slave for money delightful. But let us start from the beginning. Owning a well trained slave, using him and train him further is a privilege which I extremly enjoy. When you train your slave to a specific level you are proud of him and you want to show him to other (natural) Masters. There are BDSM parties to do so or you invite other Master(friends) over. I really enjoy that.

The idea of lending my slave to another Master for money is a cool mindset. Receiving money for your "work" you have done and showing him off are some nice thoughts! But it will stay a mindset! "Why?" are you asking?

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Where I want to improve my slave skills

A user asked recently if I would think I would need to improve my slave skills or if I was at my best.
This is a very good question indeed! First of all I think as a slave you need constant training not only to get better but to keep your level of skills. That is why my Master trains me on different aspects on a regular basis.
Yes I definitely think I can and I should improve my skills. As slave I always try to become better to be able to serve my Master in a better way. This can be when I try out a new recipe and improve my cooking skills, when I do sports to improve my fitness etc. 
Of course my Master tells me from time to time fields where he wants me to improve my skills. Obviously he has trained me over years how to suck his dick and lick his balls exactly the way he enjoys it most, how he likes to get his drinks served, how I should kneel, bow down etc. 

Friday, July 31, 2020

Project: "The Slave Terminal"

As you probably already have read my slave has clear rules and structures of doing his slave-chores and slave-trainings. As you also may know I structured his slavery with bonus- and punitive point system. So I train my slave with "stick and carrots". Until a few weeks his slavetasks and -trainings were maintained in a kind of excel file. Which I monthly had to create manually.
Because his slavetasks and -trainings follow a clear and logical path - all of it are on a monthly or weekly base - why not creating a "slave terminal" where I can create easily his recurring tasks and trainings with one click? Furthermore my slave can easely log his done tasks which I can then evaluate. Not to mention that the program can keep track on deadlines and calculate automaticaly bonus- & punitives. This would make my life as a Master a little easier.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

How I learnt to love the cage around my slavedick

From the very first moment I have met my Master he made it totally clear that he would be in absolute control of my sexuality. Of every aspect of it. When I would get fucked, when and whom I would suck, if I would fuck and when I would receive an orgasm. Pretty early in our realtionship he made it also clear that he would limit my orgasms and that I would have to earn them by being a good slave. This is how it has been for years now. I was chaste only because I was orderded to keep my hands of my dick. And be surprised or not, that was not hard for me. And my Master knew he could trust me. But he also wanted to lock my dick away at the same moment. Not because he did not trust me but because all of the things that come with a locked dick, because of it's meaning. A locked dick shows clearly the status of a slave.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Serving with a guest slave over the weekend

Last weekend a guest slave was invited by my Master to serve him for the weekend.
Because of the circumstances it was the first meeting of that kind in months. Most of the time we stayed indoors. But even without what is going on nowadays we would have stayed most of the time indoors, because my Master loves to dominate two slaves at the same moment and seems to enjoy every moment of it.
I knew which slave was coming and was ordered to prepare the apartment and other things. But Master did not give me any details what would happen.
I really loved to serve together with this slave and I was looking very much forward to it! I have known this slave as a friend for more than ten years. He has been there when I started to meet my Master, when we started a relationship and when we moved together. He is one of our few friends who is totally aware of our relationship in all its details and sometimes he asks if he can be a part of that for some days. Like this weekend.
My Master is great in using two slaves at the same moment.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Guest post - Reflection before and during my last visit

At home

It is almost exactly one year since I last visited Master D. We had to postpone the visit due to lockdown but luckily could find an alternative date only one month later than originally planned. It is not easy to put into words how I feel about this visit. It will be my first trip leaving the country since March. Normally I am really excited to leave the house and see friends and other places. But somehow lockdown and travel restrictions have become so normal that it also feels a bit weird to travel again. I do not like wearing a mask on the train (not that type, at least) and suddenly one is wondering what will happen at the border where normally borders only existed in an atlas. On the other hand this is finally something to look forward to! Something that I missed a lot over the last months.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Having slave n. visiting us

My slave is kneeling beside me - beside the couch - blindfolded holding my water and my aperitif before the first course will be served. Once a while I play with the nippels of my slave and his breathing changes. The breathing tells me he is enjoying my fingers on his nippels and I am sure his slavecock is pressing against his chastity cage. His only "job" is to hold my drinks while I am working on my computer. Meanwhile slave n. - the guestslave - is prepairing the first course in the kitchen. These moments are seldom and precious and I truely appreciate these. Finding a good guestslave with the - for me - right mindset or better: Who matches with my needs, is not easy. Having two slave on a "high level" is such an intense and wonderful experience which I truely enjoy!

Friday, June 26, 2020

My Master’s feet

It may sound strange: I am not a foot fetishist, but I adore my Master’s feet and I could lick and kiss them all day!
Some find feet very erotic because they are feet. I for myself find my Master’s feet erotic, because they are the feet of my Master! 
From the very beginning my Master loved to show me my position as slave, my position as inferior male. And what could show that better than having me at his feet? So from the very beginning as my Master’s slave he let me lick, kiss, massage and overall worship his feet. 

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Why I lock up the slave cock

First of all you have to know that my slave has to be chaste! He is not allowed to touch his cock and this for about a decade now. So when he receives an orgasm he only receives it through my hand. I see the slave orgasm as a tool to train a slave. It is a tool to reward a slave. Therefore a slave has to earn his orgasm by performing well and doing his duties. As you can read here, it takes some weeks that my slave earns enough points for an orgasm. If he does not do his slave duties/chores or performes bad it can take some more weeks until he receives the reward of an orgasm. Inbetween his orgasm I sometimes lock up the slavecock into a chasity device and in this article I want to explain why.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

The importance of rules and routines in a BDSM-relationship

I think every relationship has some kind of routine in it and so has our BDSM-relationship. But I think it is more important to have routines in a BDSM-relationship to keep it from turning vanilla like some people experience it.
I am talking about routines in a positive way and not in negative one. Of course a couple can be stuck in a boring routine. But I am talking about a BDSM-routine which is accompanied by a set of rules that helps us integrate BDSM  in our everyday life and is not questioned.
Over the years my Master has determined some of those routines, I have suggested some and some routines became routines over the time. I want to give you two examples of everyday life routines.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

How I train my (or a) natural slave

When owning a slave, training is inevitable and essential. A natural slave wants to be used and to serve a Master. Therefore the Master has to train his slave.

First of all there are several reason swhy you shoud train your slave properly. The first and obvious point is that he should please you as you like it. The slave has to learn how you like the things done. How he should serve drinks. How he should lick your feet. How he has to ask and so on. Of course these are all topics which are important when having a new slave. So the first "phase" is teaching the slave the way you like the stuff done!

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Serving a Mistress as gay slave.

One user asked the interesting question how I had reacted if my Master had ordered me to serve a Mistress instead of a Master. This is such a good question that my Master ordered me to answer it in a blogpost, which I am happy to oblige.
My answer is very simple: If my Master orderes me to serve a Mistress, of course I would follow the order and I would submit and serve. I trust my Master when he allows other male Doms to play with me, the same would apply to Mistresses.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Being in lockdown with your Master

Like most of the world we also have been in a strict lockdown for several weeks. Those who follow us on twitter have seen some insights in this time but I wanted to reflect a little bit about how this time was and still is for us.
First of all we were very lucky and both of us could work from and we also kept our jobs so far. Of course it was different than before. Being together all day, working from home, not being able to meet other people, visit other places, got to restaurants etc.
My Master was great in this difficult situation! I love about him that he is a very responsible and a very calm Master and this made the situation for both of us more bearable.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Find out Friday - Question#34

As you perhaps know I started on Twitter the hashtag . There I receive sometimes questions where I need more than 280 characters to answer properly. So I decided to use the blog to deepen some of those more complex questions. So here are the first "Find out Friday Questions" for the blog.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Being ordered to serve another Master

Obviously this evening happened some time ago. But I still have it in vivid memory, so I decided to describe the first time my Master ordered me to go to another place to serve a Master without him. It is very rare my Master lets other Masters play with me or orders me to serve them. And even in those rare cases it only happens when my Master is present and in full control over the situation. So sending me to another Master and allow this Master to use me is probably the biggest level of trust my Master can give to another Master.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Financial domination

The more I am exploring twitter (of course with BDSM context) the more findoms I find. So I decided to write about financial domination. Everything I write here is my opinion and keep in mind I focus on the aspect of living the BDSM lifestyle with a slave. First of all financial domination can be ordering your slave to tribute to you or to another Master. But the „honest“ tribute comes when a slave himself wants to tribute to a Master without receiving the order for it. About the subject of tributing you can read here and here from my slave. On this post I want to focus on financial domination. Full financial domination means you can or you do control the financial situation of your slave but of course there are also attenuated forms of financial domination.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Guest Post - Being a BDSM slave with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD)

I have discovered only recently I have Attention Deficit Disorder. That was a turning point to understand my nature as a slave, and maybe many other slaves out there. Furthermore, it was a turning point to understand some stupid decisions I have made in my life when I was not being guided. You may ask: But what does it really mean? How can you be a proper dedicated slave with an attention disorder?

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Could our relationship exist without BDSM?

Recently I received the following question:
"I’m wondering if you or your Master wanted to stop the BDSM way of live, do you think your relationship could go on? "
That is a very good question, which is not easy to answer because it is a hypothetically question.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Guest Post - Slavery in a "polyamorous" lifestyle, thoughts of a slave.

Although I have already had a M/s relationship, I am now going thru another path for my life: a polyamorous BDSM slavery. This is something quite new for me, and I am still learning and being trained by my Master about this specific lifestyle. My Master is experienced, and very good at it. He already owns a slave pup named Glitch that is very dedicated and loyal to the family. My brother Glitch has much more experience than me in this kind of relationship. He is a real model for me and I am very lucky to have him as a pup brother, so I can learn faster and better how to please our family.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Answering 3 BDSM questions

This time I want to answer three questions that I received from a slave, Pup Argos, via Twitter. I made a deal with him to answer them via our blog when he in return will write a guest post in our blog! He agreed, so here are the questions with my Master thougts:
1. "Why is so difficult to find REAL Masters? Nowadays we almost only find FinDoms that don't live it for real."

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Fucking a slave

After all I decided to write about the subject of fucking a slave. If you read some article on our blog you know that sex - in my point of view - has nothing or at least only very little to do with BDSM. As for me BDSM has to do with domination, submission and trust! So there are of course two main forms of fucking a slave. The oral and the anal fuck and I want to write in this article about my point of view about fucking a slave and what it means to me. To clearify fucking a slave does not mean that it has to end with an orgasm but you will read more in my article.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

What it is like to love a slave

What is it like to dominate the slave you love? It is an intensive gesture of love, trust and devotion. For me personaly it makes it more intense when love (or for guestslaves: affection) is involved. This is another dimension of domination. A more intense form of BDSM. Do not get me wrong: I also really enjoy having an object (as slave)! Ordering a lickslave to my hotel room and get my feet licked for hours. But here is the difference: When dominating someone longer than one day or longer than 4-6 hours the slave will loose the characteristic of an "object" for me. You use an object but you will not take "special" care of the needs (eat, drink, piss). So the interaction with an "object" is very limited and therefore no or very less affection is needed. With the rising of interactions I want "feedback", I want a dynamic which requires at least affection. Or in other words: When I order an guestslave (as object) to serve me I will not build a bond or train him.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Fantasies I would love to perform

A Master friend recently asked me what fantasies I had which would want to perform.
That was an interesting question to me, which I could not answer easily, because I'm already the slave of my husband and in this way my biggest dream has become reality and on the other hand I'm here for making his fantasies reality.

But of course there are still some things in my mind.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Owning more than one slave

left, my slave - right, a guestslave
I received via twitter a very interessting question on my #FindOutFridayBDSM event.
The question was: If I would consider to own more than one slave. This is a very interessting question and because ot that I gave it an entiry blogpost. So enjoy!

Friday, February 21, 2020

Ordering your slave to do a writing task

I enjoy to order my slave(s) to perform writing tasks. It is something really intimate. Perhaps you are now perplex about this statement and I can understand why. But to read a story or the diary of a/my slave is something intimate. You get the possibility to understand the slave's thoughts, feelings and in some kind his mindset. I love to read a honest written slave diary or a fictional slave story which caomes from the mind (and heart) of the slave. Furthermore you get the possibility to understand your slave more and that helps you to train your slave in a more efficient way. But you can also use a writing task as a punishment tool. So let's discuss the different kind of writing tasks:

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Is a Master allowed to have weaknesses?

I received an interesting question on my post: "What it is like to love your Master." An anonymous guy (I just assume it is a guy) asked:
"Hi, when you live with someone 24/7 and know all his strengths and weaknesses, how can you show him utterly respect as your Master? Don’t you see him as a simple man sometimes? Thank you for your answer." For me the question is quite simply answered.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Dealing with mistakes

"A Master is always right" - ehm nope...
Today I want to write about the topic of making mistake as a Master. As all human beings also Masters and Mistresses are making mistakes. Especially with the hierarchy between a Master and his slave this can be poisonous for a D/s relationship when the slave is not allowed to speak openly about his feelings and thoughts.

First of all it is clear for my that a slave has to accept and conceal small mistake of a Master/Mistress. If I misspelled or mixed up something but it is clear what I meant then the slave has to proceed and act like there was no mistake.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Why the cage is one of my favorite places as a slave

I love my cage! I love to be locked in it, doing something, sleeping, waiting for my Master. I have always been a fan of cages and some years ago my Master purchased one that was especially designed following his wishes for slave keeping.
Being in my cage is not a punishment for me. Don't get me wrong, my Master can easily turn it into a punishment at any time.  He can bind me to the bars, putting my head into a special ring so I can't move it one inch. But for me it is kind of a natural place for me as a slave, where I feel totally safe and where I have the feeling I belong here.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

How to find your (natural) Master for the BDSM Lifestyle.

I receive from time to time from slaves the question "What advice can you give me to find my Master?". After I wrote an article about "how to find a slave" I will now share my thoughts about "how to find a Master". Of course there are some similarities. First of all I will start with the same words and sentences I used for the other article with the exception that I will switch "slave" with "master" and vica versa:

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Our BDSM-relationship around family

One user asked us after the post of "My slave collar" how we deal with our relationship and our families and if they are aware of this topic. I promised to answer it in a certain post.
First of all I think that every BDSM-couple addresses this topic differently, but I can tell you about our way.
No, our families are not aware of the type of our relationship. They are of course aware of our relationship and we are both together and alone in contact with our families. My Master does not limit the time I can have contact with my family, like some other Masters do it with their slaves.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

How BDSM became a lifestyle

A few days ago I asked myself: "How did BDSM became a lifestyle for me?" and I had the idea that I could share my thoughts with like-minded people or people who are exploring  BDSM themself. Of course that has not to be a lifestyle for you but can still be interesting to read. For a lot of people it is enough to have sessions and enjoying the kinky side here and there. You have to find out what fits best to you and what makes you happy! If it is to serve, then serve. If it is to dominate then dominate. Find yourself and what you are. Here is my story: