Thursday, November 19, 2020

A normal Tuesday as Master and slave

A very friendly Master recently asked me on witter what a normal Tuesday looks like in a BDSM-relationship. Just an average day, without a guest slave, without the High protocol etc. I am very happy to answer the question. If you are interested in other topics you can also write me and I will try to cover them.

First of all we are probably just a normal couple that spends a normal Tuesday. We get up, we go to work, we come home, we spend the evening together, we love each other. A normal day for so many couples. But of course some things are different in a BDSM relationship and I try to describe a normal day.

A normal Tuesday:

I get up first in the morning. I try to leave the bed as silently as possible so I don't disturb my Master too much, but I also kiss his feet softly on my way out. I shower first and clean my slavebody. After that I prepare things my Master would need on his way to work, or during his work at home. Then I prepare the Mastercoffee, kneel down and wait till my Master gets up and sits down on the couch. While he drinks his Mastercoffee and reads the news I suck the Mastercock and lick the Masterballs and Masterfeet. After my Master has finished his Mastercoffee I either have my breakfast in my cage, at his feet or he orders me to have my breakfast on my way to work, because he wants to enjoy my tongue and mouth longer at home. After that I leave for work, my Master showers and also starts to work. I have prepared his clothes the day before and if he works from home I have also prepared a meal for lunch for him. 

 After I have finished work I get home. The first thing I have to do is strip naked and put on my cuffs and my slavechain around my neck. I have to kneel down and lick my Master's feet till he is pleased with my greeting. After that I am allowed to proceed with my chores. My Master almost never gives me a schedule, he expects me to get things done and find ways to get things done. So I usually first cook, where I try to give my Master at least to options to choose from before I start cooking. I serve the food for us two. My Master always eats from a plate, I always eat on the floor from my dog bowl. While we eat, we chat about our days, about upcoming events etc. Just like a normal couple, but I am naked on the floor at the feet of my owner. After that I clean up and do the dishes. Then I proceed with my chores: go shopping for groceries, do the laundry, get rid of the garbage etc. All the things that I need to do as a full time slave. Of course I am allowed to get dressed again and leave the house again if I need to. Every time I come back I have to perform the same procedure as described above. 

After I have done the most important chores for a weekday, I can ask for some time for myself, like reading a book, doing phone calls, spending time on social media etc, which my Master usually grants. Then we spend the evening together. This can be that my Master plays with my body, useses me in different ways, or we play a game or we watch a movie together. When we watch a movie together he is always on the couch and I am naked in front of him on the floor. Of course I have to make sure that the glass of my Master never gets empty and that I always take care of his needs and listen, if there is a new command for me. The crop is of course all the time present. Not to torture me, but as a training and correction tool, if I make small mistakes like letting get the glass empty etc. When it is time to go bed I prepare some things for the next day, my Master enters the bed and I lick his feets and he decides if the grants me access to the bed or not. Of course I make sure that my Master always enters a freshly made bed. While my Master falls asleep he loves to play with my slavedick and my nipples. So you see just a normal day.

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Gerry said...

I love the matter-of-fact way you describe your life as a slave. The thought of coming home and getting naked ready to serve Master really appeals to my submissive instincts.