Thursday, November 5, 2020

Where I sleep as a slave

A short time ago I made a poll on twitter where Master's who live with their slaves let their slaves sleep. The outcome and the discussions where quite interesting! Most of the Masters let sleep their slave in their bed, followed by cage and floor and only a few Masters allowed their slaves to sleep in a bed for their own. So I decided to write a little bit about where my Master lets me sleep. 
I am not allowed to use any furniture in our flat without my Master's permission, this applies also for the bed of course. But I am very lucky that my Master loves to have me in his bed with him. Of course it is not a rule that I am allowed to sleep in bed with him every day. 
So each night when my Master goes to bed I am allowed to ask him if I may join him by kneeling in front of the bed and licking his feet. He then decides if he wants me to sleep in the bed or somewhere else. I am not 100% sure why he enjoys having me in his bed. He loves to play with my nipples and my locked or free slavedick before he falls asleep. The same thing in the morning. He enjoys playing with my slavebody and sometimes using it to wake up. Quite often my tongue is all over his body licking him softly awake. Of course as soon as he orders me to leave the bed I do so, because I know I am allowed to be in the bed only temporarily.  After hat I either go to work or prepare the Mastercoffee and kneel in front of the couch and wait for my Master.
When my Master is not around I am not allowed to sleep in the bed. Of course he can grant me that right for example when I am sick, but this right is quite rare. When my Master sleeps somewhere else I either have to sleep in my cage or on the floor. I am only allowed to reenter the bed after he has returned. Having to sleep on the floor can also be part of a punishment after misbehavior. But usually Master enjoys playing with my slavebody in bed so much that he punishes me in other ways. Sometimes I sleep on the floor in another room although my Master is here. This happens when I have to get up quite early for an appointment or work and I don't want to disturb the sleep of my Master. I am quite used to sleep on the floor, it is almost natural for me as a slave. But of course I enjoy it most when Master lets me to be at his side!

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Andy said...

I enjoy reading this blog but one thing completely puzzles me...the two of you consistently speak of punishments your master gives you, (again in this entry), when it is so clear that you do everything you can to please him, obeying every directive and literally groveling for his pleasure and naking him the center of your very existence....what malfeasance does he deem you need to be punished for?? It seems to me that you are perfection personified. Or do you struggle to please the unpleasable?

Anonymous said...

Very good question Andy! I can't wait to read the answer

Master D. said...

Hi Andy,
I will write an article about punishment which will answer your question. It will take some weeks but it will come. So stay tuned.

Spike said...

I too would be interested in how punishment/discipline plays out in your BDSM lifestyle, both what behavior/infractions lead to punishment and what forms you find most effective.