Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year 2020!

We wish all our followers a happy New Year! Thank you for following. Enjoy your life and live what you are! Have a good party and see you in 2020.

Master D. and slave m.

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Thursday, December 26, 2019

What it is like to love your Master

Love and BDSM - many people have already shared their thoughts on this topic. Some say you can't combine love and BDSM, others say they go hand in hand. For me love is essential for my BDSM-relationship. I really love my Master and my love helps me to submit to him. I try do to everything for him, to please him and to make his life easier and that is a lot connected with love. You might wonder, but my Master also loves me. For him training his slave, torturing him and commanding him is also connected with love. I feel totally save with my Master, I trust him absolutely. He is my Owner and my partner. He challenges me, he trains me, he commands me, he tortures me. But he also laughs with me, watches a movie with me, takes interest in my thoughts and my feelings.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Merry X-mas 2019

We wish you a all a merry x-mas! Enjoy the time with your families and friends! And as a Christmas gift we uploaded this Christmas picture of us for our followers. Thank you very much for following and your interest in our lifestyle!

Have nice holidays!

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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Tributing a Master (from Master D.'s view)

While surfing throuht the web I see a lot of these so called "Cash-Masters". So I decided to write this articel about my point of view on slaves tributing a Master. Therefore I will lay my focus only on the subject of tributing. I will write an own articel about the subject of financial domination one day. From my point of view you have to distinguish these two things!
But I have to admit, that the topic of tributing is not an easy subject and has a lot of prejudice!

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Male hierarchy from a slave perspective

You have chosen the topic! Thank you very much for participating in my Masters poll about the next topic I have to write about.You have chosen that I should write about male hierarchy from a slaves perspective. So my Master ordered me do so.
Just to be clear: I treat everybody nice and with respect as long as they respect me. But from my point of view there is a natural hierarchy between different men. As a Master friend once stated: "Some are meant to rule and some are meant to serve." I would divide males roughly in three categories:

Thursday, December 12, 2019

What it is like to be on twitter

As you already know we recently joined twitter. And I have to admit, it has been great so far! We have been living for years as a Master/slave-couple. We did not where sure if there where any others with similar interests. And although we only joined twitter recently I can already say that I really enjoy the BDSM-world that is out there, although many of you are thousands of miles away.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Three fantasies I still wish to perform

In a few weeks it is Christmas. So I decided to write about fantasies/wishes I still have in mind and perhaps (hopefully) will perform someday. Of course I have a lot of ideas in mind but I will reduce it here to those fantasy which are feasible, a little special and my slave already knows about.
So here three of my fantasies.

Becoming friends with other/another couple who lives the BDSM-lifestyle too
This blog entry (link) describes exactly what I mean. Knowing another Master who has also a slave and lives the BDSM-lifestyle. That would give a bunch of new possibilities. The slaves would know how to treat us (the Masters) and serves us with the respect we deserve. They would know what the preferences of each Master would be and therefore they would serve on a high quality level.
Furthermore if we trust each-other and the friendship would go deep enough I could imagine to lend out my slave. Perhaps while the other slave is on a business trip my slave could serve the other Master needs and vice versa. Another scenario could be that we (the Masters) are playing board- or video games while our slaves have to serve us and doing the house chores.
Another idea would be to perform a dinner night with 2-4 couples. Where all slaves are serving us while the Masters are enjoying the night together.

Having an BDSM evening with a hetero couple or female slave/mistress.
I never had the experience with a female or hetero couple. So it would be very interesting for me how this would be and were this would lead. If I could choose I would prefer to meet a hetero couple where one is the Master or Mistress and the other one would be the slave. Ideally they would also live the BDSM lifestyle. I think on such an appointment I would focus on pure domination, pure BDSM without sexual activities with the opposite sex. It is more a kind of an "experiment" and I would like to give it a try...

Special "Farm" Holiday - Outdoor activities
Another fantasy is to rent a house in the nowhere. Where nobody would be and we could live the BDSM lifestyle also outdoor while we are there. And of course with many posibilitys. Perhaps with a stable and a big garden. So that I could performs dogslave and ponyslave training outdoor with the gear needed of course! My slave would then have a clear procedure during the stay. Wake up prepairing everything for the morning. Then having  a slave training. Perhaps some time to rest if the training was exhausting. Perhaps my slave will then rest in the barn. Of coursed chained...
Or perhaps having dinner outside while my slave is serving me as trained.

Tips and tricks for planing a "special event"
I want to add that you always have to be open minded when performing a fantasie/wish in real life. It will never happen EXACTLY how you have it in mind and that is good. Otherwise it would be boring. So my tipp would be: Do not stick to a kind of fixed programm when you are planing something special or something bigger what is not your daily life. There are a lot of outside factors which you can not influence or plan. What I learned is that it never happens how you planed it, when you planned too much details.
When I plan something special, perhaps like the farm holiday, I memorize or write down "key events" which I want to perform. It is like a priorised "to/could-do"-list. Where I pick stuff I want to do if the situation allows it. As example it would be nice to ride my ponyslave outdoor or holding him as a chained dog outside the house. I keep these key events as small as possible and perhaps in some variations. Why? you ask:
What would be when it raines the whole time? Of course I would ride my slave outside but perhaps only for a few minutes. What if the area is to uneven and therefore very exhausting for my slave? Then I would also ride him but make perhaps more breaks so that he can regain power.
What I want to say is: There are a lot of factors which you can not plan or forget to mind. Have a "key event" in mind which gives the start settings, perhaps a lead in which direction it should go and then you look where it goes. Let the situation influence your decision. Do not forget: The journey is the reward. That is the reason you read a lot of "perhapses", "coulds" and why these are only rough ideas in my text above.

If you have any question or comments about this post let me know in the comment below.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

My slave collar

As a slave I have to undress whenever I come home and put on my slave chain around my neck and my cuffs. I have to stay that way unless ordered otherwise and perform my slaveduties. But as my Master is also my partner I'm still allowed to call him on first name basis, chat about the day and other things that are on both our minds.
Still there are same times where my Master wants me to be a more intense slave, without performing one of my slave trainings. And I also sometimes have the inner wish to be a more intense slave. That is where my Master introduced my slave collar.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Getting tortured by two Masters

While I'm writing this my nipples are still hurting and I still have bruises all over my back and ass, although the evening I'm referring to, took place some days ago.
I had the honor and pleasure again to serve my Master together with our Master-friend Master M. This time we could not invite him to our home but we met during a trip in another town in a hotel-suite. Master M. is one of the few natural Masters I know. When he enters the room he shows authority by just being there without a special clothing or even saying something. As a natural submissive you always just want to get down onto your knees in front of such men.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Standard-, High- and Specific-Protocols

To live the BDSM lifestyle means to me to have strict rules for my slave and to be consequent. But there are a lot of factors which has an influence to our life and therefore on our lifestyle. That can be the job, friends, families and of course the human mind itself. So they are different kind of protocols which my slave has to follow. The protocols are build onto each other. With these different protocols it is possible to live our BDSM lifestyle as we do without being inconsequent.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

We are now also on Twitter

Dear followers,
We can proudly announce that we are now also availible on twitter! My slave received the order to take care of the account and to tweet there. We hope you will enjoy our new twitter account and follow us there too.

You can find us here: link
Twitter: @GaySlaveHusband

Stay tuned for new blogentrys here on thebdsmlifestyle.com

Your Master D.

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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Why my slave has to be an "alphaslave" when guestslaves are visiting.

Having a slave and living the BDSM lifestyle means you get served all day long or at least when your slave is around. That also means you will get used to a specific quality of getting served. My slave knows exactly what I like and how I like it. When he sees that my glass is empty it is normal that he asks if I want a refill. But also when we are in public it is his desire and duty to serve. He carry my luggage without receiving the order. He is trained to do that and it is his desire to do so. After all these years of living the BDSM lifestyle I recognize immediately if a very small detail is not correct. It happens automatically! I do not search "active" for mistakes but my subconscious recognize them immediately. Mostly my slave knows exactly what he had done wrong and accepts his punishment!

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Busy weeks

Hi to all our followers,

Normaly we post every week new stuff but unfortunatly this and next week we will not post any new blogentry due to our very busy weeks. Next blogentry will be before 8th of november - promised!

If you have post suggestion or questions please let us know in the comment below....

So stay tuned.

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Friday, October 18, 2019

Should a slave have hobbies?

Most Masters and slaves might say that a slave should not have hobbies but only focus on the Master. But in my opinion it can be useful that a slave has hobbies.
The most challenging aspect is of course time. Between work and serving my Master it is hard to find any time for my hobbies. So whenever my Master is away (e.g. business trips) I'm allowed to focus more on my hobbies as long as I do all the tasks I get from my Master. But even when my Master is here he allows me and encourages me to take some time for my hobbies.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

How I imagine a perfect Master evening - part 1

If someone would ask me: What would be a perfect Master evening for you?
My short answer would be: Evenings where my slave serves me on a high level and with the deepest devotion. Of course there is also a long version of how a perfect Master evening could take place and there are a lot of ways how it could happen. But here one idea how a perfect evening could be.

It would start while being at work sending my slave the order to take a clean sweep over the flat and to prepare everything for a wonderful evening! In the same time I would perhaps ask another trusted Master-slave couple who would also live the BDSM lifestyle if they would like to join for dinner.
Before heading home I would inform my slave that I will be home soon and he should get prepared like trained! - "Yes Sir. Sir? Would you like a welcome drink or shall I prepare a bath?" - That would be an appropriate response for the start of an perfect evening. My slave taking care of my needs.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Why a slave should not beg

In my opinion slaves should not beg. Not begging for getting something and not begging for something to stop. Most of the Masters I have met trained me in the same way - they liked slaves that did not beg. But I also met some Masters who loved to break slaves during a session, cross their limits and make their slaves beg. One time I was with a Master who flogged me. He flogged me so hard and although he could see I could not take any more he did not stop, because he wanted me to beg. But it did not know that that was expected from me and I tried to suffer as long as possible. It took me almost a week to recover from the flogging because the Master did not stop. The other time I was writing with a Master. He said he loved it when he could break slaves and make them beg and he said there was nothing more beautiful than the "tears of a begging slaveboy". I have never met him after that sentence.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Slave JS Serving Master D. - Guest Commentary

Blogpost from guest Slave JS:
The last entry on this blog I read was about fearing the crop.  I now know from experience and am constantly aware of its presence at all times.  The sound and feel of the crop on my ass stings in a way that makes me question why I continue to go through the journey of serving.  The tenderness and direction of the crop as it guides me to be a better slave reminds me that the pain is worth it.

Serving a master is not easy.  It takes a toll on my body.  It brings me to tears when I do not fulfill a task to the best of my ability.  And I am always anxious about what mistake I may make next and the consequences that come from it.  But that is only one side of the conversation.  Training a slave is a much more challenging and involved process.  In the time that I have served Master D., he constantly checks in to ensure that I am safe.  He provides clear and immediate direction.  He rewards me when I do well and punishes me when I do not.  That is a much bigger burden and responsibility than I have to serve him.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The fear of the crop

My Master really loves his crop for different reasons as he has already written.
I as his slave fear his crop. The crop is omnipresent. My Master always keeps it near him - in fact he has two of them. So it is always visible for me and present in the room. Even when we travel I always have the order to pack the crop so that my Master has it at his hand all the times.
At home he also sometimes orders me to fetch his crop for him. This is a very intense moment for me. When I fetch the crop I bring it to him, kneel down, head down, hands up and present the crop. Then my Master takes it and I have no idea what happens next. Sometimes he punishes me for a mistake, but sometimes he just wanted me to fetch his crop and sends me away to go on with my slave chores.

Friday, September 13, 2019

BDSM & Sexuality

As you already read in the Blog, pure BDSM has noting to do with fucking a slave or getting sucked. BDSM is about hierarchies, domination, submission and has nothing to do with "pure" sex. Yes indeed if you tie someone up and fuck this person you are doing BDSM. But only because this person is at your mercy and submitted to you (to be fucked) in ropes or chains makes him/(her) not a true slave! 
The import question which you have to ask is:

What is the focus on practicing BDSM?

is it the sexuality in form of "pure" sex (with the intention of an orgasm)? Or is it BDSM: To dominate or being dominated and all the associated BDSM facets?

Thursday, September 5, 2019

How I'm becoming more and more a slave

Every relationship evolves and that is just natural that also our relationship evolves. Some BDSM-relationships struggle with keeping up the Master-slave part over the years. But we have until now no problems with that. Instead I think I'm becoming more and more a slave, although I already consider myself as a born slave.
I notice some small changes in my behavior that show over time that I'm becoming more and more slavish. For example I think of my partner more often as of my Master and not as my partner.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Meeting a slave on my business trips

And there was another business trip!
It was an intense week and my slave was at home doing his chores! I went to a bigger city to enjoy my weekend while sightseeing. While enjoying my Saturday a slave from that city began to chat with me and I decided that I could need a slave for the evening. I ordered him to my room and told him to bring some gear with him. Furthermore, I ordered him to wear his chastity device. His dick will not be needed and as guest slave which serves me the first time, he has first to proof himself worthy of serving me.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Serving my Master on his business trip

Normally when my Master goes on a business trip I take care of him and his luggage before and after his trip and take care of our flat. Recently I could take some days off and join him during a longer business trip for some days to serve him. My Master made clear that he wanted his slave on this business trip and not his partner. So he set strict and clear rules what he expected from me during the trip.
It started with traveling. Although I was free to choose the means of transportation I decided to fly economy and to use public transport to reach the hotel of my Master. My Master was very pleased with that decision of mine, although also free people use that way he said he found it more appropriate for me as a slave to take those means of transportation. He of course traveled business class and rented a car to reach his hotel.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

BDSM events - How to start a converation.

As you perhaps have read, I sometime present my slave on BDSM events. I really like to see the faces from other people when they recognize that there is something really "special" about our BDSM-relationship. When they notice that my slave is still kneeling before me without moving a muscle while facing the exact same spot for over 30 minutes, only waiting to receive further commands, while I am drinking my beer or chatting with other people or when they notice that he only receives orders by hand signal.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

My Masters cock

My Owner has recently written (see here) how he treats my cock and how he enjoys to keep me chaste and to edge me a lot to keep me horny and make me more submissive. So I decided to write about the cock of my Master.
Our BDSM-relationship is much more than about sex, but of course a lot is about serving my Master in a sexual way and pleasing him. Since he has started to own me my Master performed a lot of training of me on sucking his dick in the right way.
I can recall when he started to own me he was pleased that I already was a good submissive cocksucker. I had served some Masters and men before and always concentrated in giving them the best sucking. Some have been irritated when I did not even touch my own dick while I was giving them a blowjob, but others enjoyed it. For the record: For me it always felt wrong touching myself while I was sucking a superior. I only performed it when I was ordered to and when it gave the superior pleasure seeing me masturbating.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Tips for maintaining your BDSM-relationship

My Master and I have been living for some years now as Master and slave and we both enjoy it!
In this time we met and have heard about some other couples that failed with their BDSM-relationship. The reasons where different: Some broke up for various reasons but most of them turned from hard to vanilla in a pretty short time. We sometimes are asked how we manage to keep our Master slave relationship alive over such a long time.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Vacation with a slave

It is Holiday time and of course I am going to make vacation together with my slave. But of course my slave still have his rules and duty during vacation. The vacation begins with packing the luggage for our trip. Clothes, toothbrush and of course his cuffs, collar and some other stuff like a small crop had to be packed. If everything can be put in one luggage he has to carry the lugagge. If there are two I will carry the lighter one.

When we arrive at the hotel room my slave has to strip naked and wear his slave colar and -cuffs. All the house rules applies while staying in the hotel room. After unpacking I usually order my slave to serve me.

Friday, July 19, 2019

The benefits of edging a (chaste) slave

One of the key method to show my dominance is to edge my slave.
As you know I keep my slave chaste and he has to earn his orgasm by doing his slave training and slave tasks. But between his orgasm I play quite a lot with his dick and of course I edge him. Sometimes really hard, sometimes only a bit. I does it to show my power and position over him. But also to show him affection. Perhaps you read that he is not allowed to touch his dick or/and his balls. So my hands are the only way for him to receive any kind of sexual stimulation. Sexuality is a basic need and the sexuality of my slave lays in my hand. I decide when and how often he receives this kind of stimulation. I show him in that way that his sexuality and his body belongs to me.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

When a slaves misses his Master

Once in a while there are times where a Master and a slave are separated for different reasons, mostly of business reasons. I'm now in this state because my Master has to go on business trips on a regular basis and so I decided to reflect a little bit on this topic.
First of all it is my duty as a slave to keep everything smooth and running while my Master is away, returns and leaves again. As a slave I make sure that I pack and unpack his suitcase, always provide him with fresh and sufficient clothes and all the things he needs for a business trip. I have already written about my duties concerning this topic.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

The epitome for the BDSM lifestyle: The crop

One of the most important tools to live the BDSM lifestyle is for me the crop! It is the epitome of the BDSM lifestyle and makes it so much easier to dominate slaves. That is the reason why I have my crop always at hand. It is a "powerful" tool which you can use for more than only punishing the slave. Here are the reasons why for me every Master needs a proper crop:

Thursday, June 27, 2019

The surprising visit of slave N.

My Master loves to surprise his slaves. I think it is some kind of way to feel and show control. Last weekend he could really surprise me – and also in a very positive way! I received the order to keep a special weekend totally free of appointments long ago. But I was not told anything more. When the weekend came closer and closer I received more clues. I only received the hints I needed for my slave duties. I had to be home on Friday at a special time, the flat should look like this and that and I would have to buy ingredients for a 3-course-dinner on Friday. I became really nervous and anxious. Would another Master visit us? Another slave? Someone new, or someone I already knew? But I knew better than to ask my Master and he loved to see my nervousness before the weekend and how I prepared everything.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Slave N. serving Master D. - guest commentary

Blog post from Slave N.
I wake up in the morning. The first thing I see is the chain with which my collar is fixed to a hook in the wall in order to limit my freedom of movement. Then I see the locked cuffs around my wrists. Needless to say that I spent the night on the floor. The chain, the locked cuffs and lying in front of the couch immediately remind me of my position for this weekend with Master D. and Slave M. And it feels great! I feel excited, happy and proud. And I have to admit it immediately makes my dick hard. It is small details like these that often have the biggest impact and make a lasting impression. And it is these small details I appreciate and value so much about Master D. and his way of living BDSM.

Friday, June 14, 2019

My useless slave nipples

As a slave I'm not allowed to touch my nipples nor my genitals except for cleaning. It is a strange feeling to have a part of your body that you are not allowed to use or touch.
But as a slave I have got used to this situation and I know that my body does not belong to me. So for me my nipples are absolutely useless and without purpose.
But for my Master they are quite important. From the very beginning of my slavery he used my nipples as a key training element.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Going the extra mile for your Master

There are many ways in which you can serve your Master and today I want to focus on one special aspect about it. I have read about it myself some years ago in another blog and the slave there called it "going the extra mile".  Since that I was fascinated from this concept and I have tried to adapt it in my own slavery and want to share it with you.

What does it mean?
It means that the slaves performs a given task or his normal slave tasks with extra effort. In many cases the Master does not know about this extra effort, sometimes he notices it - sometimes not. But the point is that the slave fulfills his duties by going the extra mile.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

What constitutes a good Master

There are a lot of Masters in the "BDSM" world. Natural and session Masters, tall and short ones. Some more strict than others. Some with more experience than others. Some with a rubber fetish other with a sneaker fetish. They are a lot of different Masters types. But what constitutes a good Master?

Of course you have to look on different situations. But there are some points which are omnipresent.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Sex, sex and sex

Many people ask us how often we have sex, what sex is like in a BDSM relationship, etc. We often tell people that sex is only marginal in our BDSM relationship and that many other things are much more important to us.
But of course sex is also one key element and so I want to commit this post to our sex-life and hopefully answer some of your questions.

As you already know sex is for me as a slave completely limited and very rare. I have to stay permanently chaste. Since I became the slave of my Master I'm have not been allowed to touch my dick or balls for sexual pleasure. I only receive orgasms by my Master as a rare form of reward for being a good slave and also to not drive crazy. Which might happen if I had to stay chaste and be edged for one year or so;-)

Monday, May 20, 2019

You choose my punishment

This very moment I have been released from my punishment you have chosen for me. I want to apologize to all our readers for my insufficient post quality. Most of all I want to apologize to all the Masters that are reading our post and especially to my Master. I failed you. Thank you very much for forgiving me and choosing my punishment.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Coming back home from a business trip

The airplane is full! Still more then 6 hours to fly. At home my slave is awaiting me eagerly. The thoughts of my slave wearing his chastity device and how he had to sleep the last days on the floor makes me very happy. Furthermore to know that my slave will welcome me as I deserve it. As his Master all these things increases my anticipation.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Slavery in everyday life - part 2

If you follow our blog regularly you will have noticed that my Master has do go on business trips quite often. Normally that means that I prepare and pack his luggage, take care of our flat and all the other things in his absence and wait for him till he comes back to give him a welcome like a Master would expect.

Recently he found more ways to use his slave before his business trips.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Borrowing my slave to another Master

I really like the idea of borrowing my slave to another (natural!) Master and therefore my slave has to trust me and my decision I made to 1000%. I am proud about my slave and how I trained him. Therefore I love to demonstrate him to other worthy Master-colleagues. Furthermore it is a good way to show dominance and to show to whom a slave belongs.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Insufficient Post-Quality: How should my slave be punished?

Dear followers,
as you perhaps know my slave has the order to also write posts for this Blog. Before his post are released, I read and evaluate them. In one of his upcoming Post the quality of the Post did not reached my expectations. So I ordered him to correct that. But for the insufficient quality he will receive a punishment and because you (the followers) would have been affected I want to give you the possibility to decide which kind of punishment he should receive.

Here the possibilities which you can choose from:

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Should your slave be allowed to work?

Many people who connect with us ask us if I'm allowed to work. In many SM-stories the slave stays 24/7 at home. Sometimes he isn't even allowed to leave the house. His Master leaves in the morning, the slave works all day at home for the Master and knees at the entrance till his Owner returns. I don't think that works in reality for long.

In my opinion slaves should not only be allowed to work, but they should be encouraged to have a job. Some Masters might disagree, but hear me out, I think there a several reasons why a slave should be allowed to work.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Eating out as Master and slave

Even if you have the perfect slave at home that cooks for you and gives you a blowjob while you are eating - sometimes you want to or have to eat outside. Even though the waiters there are fully clothed and can not be punished if they do something wrong - like you can do with your slave at home.
Eating out can be different for a Master and slave couple in comparison to a vanilla couple. You have to decide how much you want to show that you are in charge or how much autonomy you give your slave.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

The System of Bonus- & Punitive Points for my Slave

To live the BDSM lifestyle it is necesairy to have system. A System which the slave can relate to. So over the years I created a system to ensure my slave have to do his slave duties and his chores in an appropriated quality! Furthermore I ensure with the system that it is in his interest to complete his weekly slave trainings which I plan for him. But let's start at the beginning.

To live the BDSM lifestyle means to bring together the private, family and business live in one. At the start I tried to plan exactly when I want to train my slave and give him the orders for his chores but life shows that is can be difficult. Spontaneous events came up and made it hard to plan so I decided to introduce a system. Why should I invest time and effort to find a free time slot for my slave to do chores and slave training?

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Ordering a slave to my hotel room

Unfortunately my slave could not come with me on my business trip to the US. So after a week of work and nobody serving me it was time for relaxing. And how can a Master relax the best? Correct, with a slave serving him.
I really put less effort in finding a slave and decided if I do not find something in the next minutes I will do something else for the evening. One profile received my attention and I wrote to the slave what I was expecting from him. He was ready to serve and I ordered him to come at a specific time to my Hotel room.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Publicly presenting my slave on a BDSM Party

From time to time I go to a BDSM Club/Party with my slave and today is such day. I only go on special events which are related to BDSM. The issue is that the most of these parties which are held in gay-clubs are "sex parties" which does not fit my interest. But we found some really good events where the sex is not in the foreground.

Today I ordered another slave to join to the party. I barely or better do not know the slave. But he received my attention about a year or two. Me and my slave were also on a BDSM party and I had to go to the restroom. A slave, which watched us that night, was also at the restroom and asked me in a devoted way if he can lick my boots while I was urinating. I agreed and he began to lick. After I finished my piss I walked out without further noticing him.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Slavery in everyday life - part 1

In our blog we have already talked about how we see some things concerning BDSM and we also have described special events. Today I thought of starting a new segment that is called „slavery in everyday life.“ Here I would want to give you some insight in how it is to live day after day in a Master-slave relationship and tell you some things that have happened that give you an idea what it is like to live as Master and slave.

Last week I was on a business trip and I arrived after midnight at home. My Master was already in his bed sleeping. He had texted me and ordered me to sleep on the kitchen floor and not in the Master bedroom, so I would not awake him and disturb his precious sleep. So I got home and was a silent as possible. I undressed, and took my neck chain and also my cuffs. After that I went tot he kitchen, where my Master had already prepared the sleeping bag on the kitchen floor. Next to my slave sleeping place I found a handwritten note with the logo of my Master.

Friday, March 15, 2019

How to communicate properly with a natural Master (over social media)

There are some BDSM related social media platforms, like recon / fetlife / planetromeo, where you can search, communicate and if it matches meet with Masters (and of course also slaves).

My slave already wrote a post about "How to address your Master properly". The focus of his article was how he addresses me and how it becomes naturell to him to call me Sir/Master. In this article I want to write about how I liked to be addressed on such social media platforms or better what I think a slave should be aware off when writing with a natural Master. This topic is very subjective and I think every Master has his own preferences. But I think for the most natural Master there are similarities. So here are my preferences when chatting with a slave.

But before you continue reading be sure to understand the concept of a natural Master.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Issue with writing commends *fixed*

Unfortunately there was a problem for all safari/ios user with the comment section of the blog ! They were not able to post any comments.

It should be now fixed! If you are using an iPhone and want to write a comment please request the desktop version of the website. Then you are also able to post comment.

Thank you and sorry for the issue.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Let us know your Questions & Topic proposal!

Dear followers,

we want to give you the possibility to ask us questions about our BDSM lifestyle and/or you can give us proposal about the next Topic you want to read about.

Let us know your Question and/or topic proposal  in the comments below!

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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Marked as my Masters' slave.

I now bear the marking of my Master! We have been thinking about marking me as a slave for a long time. After being owned for almost a decade it was now time to do the step. But we wanted to do it the right way. There are many ways how you can mark a slave permanently. You can pierce a slave, you can tattoo him or you can chip him like a dog. We know for example a Master who marked his slave with a piercing in his slave penis. All of those markings have their advantages and their disadvantages. Some are more subtle than others. We decided to go with a tattoo, cause it is permanent, you can’t lose it and once you have it it always stays with you. My Master has made himself a logo where he started to mark some of his belongins and things he daily uses. So it was naturally that I would get the same mark.

But of course it should also have a design and place on my body where it would fit in in our world with our vanilla friends. I think we found a good way to do just so, so that I can wear his mark in every situation. After the design was found we did not want to just go to a normal tattoo studio. After a long internet search we found a BDSM-Tatooist who is specialized in tatooing slaves for masters and mistresses.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Marking my slave permanently

Today is a special day!
Today my slave received his “slave tattoo”. He received my Master emblem on his body. The biggest joy for me is that he told me he is ready for this step. Of course, I could command him to receive a tattoo, but it would reduce the “emotional value” of it.
To know that my beloved slave is ready and wants the tattoo makes it more “emotional valuable”. To me and to him. Also, because it is an act to show his love to me! He knows since the beginning that I would be honored to have my slave permanently marked.