Thursday, June 27, 2019

The surprising visit of slave N.

My Master loves to surprise his slaves. I think it is some kind of way to feel and show control. Last weekend he could really surprise me – and also in a very positive way! I received the order to keep a special weekend totally free of appointments long ago. But I was not told anything more. When the weekend came closer and closer I received more clues. I only received the hints I needed for my slave duties. I had to be home on Friday at a special time, the flat should look like this and that and I would have to buy ingredients for a 3-course-dinner on Friday. I became really nervous and anxious. Would another Master visit us? Another slave? Someone new, or someone I already knew? But I knew better than to ask my Master and he loved to see my nervousness before the weekend and how I prepared everything.

He was really happy that he could keep the surprise totally secret to me! And I have to admit I had some guesses, but I had no idea who would visit us. Then the evening came and I was blindfolded and ordered to prepare some drinks for two guests. Still I had no idea if a slave or Master or maybe a Master and a slave would come. I was waiting in silence while my Master welcomed our guest. He had made sure that I would not hear a thing. After some time he took away my blindfold and told me that a slave was waiting in the other room and I should go to him. I was really surprised! I had thought that another Master would maybe come. As ordered I went into the other room and there he was: Slave N. kneeling on the floor, totally naked, with a mask, cuffs and collar. He was wearing the same things like me. We looked like slave-brothers. He handed me the letter and I opened it and read it out loud. Slave N. would stay over the weekend as a slave. It was my task to teach him all the house-rules. If he would fail not only he but also I would be punished. My Master made also clear that I was in charge over the other slave, because I was more experienced. I didn’t not want to leave my Master waiting and so I quickly taught the other slaves all the slave commands and rules, and then we went to my Master and kneeled before him and the training began.

It was a great weekend and such a pleasant surprise! I want to thank my Master for it! I have known slave N. for some years and he is a very likeable person and also a high quality slave, concerning his attitude, his body and also his character! It is always great to have another slave to serve your Master with. One time for example Slave N. was licking my Masters feet while I was washing the dishes. Two slaves have a lot of advantages. And I have to say, I enjoyed not only serving together with Slave N., but also being in charge of him and train him for my Master.

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