Friday, June 14, 2019

My useless slave nipples

As a slave I'm not allowed to touch my nipples nor my genitals except for cleaning. It is a strange feeling to have a part of your body that you are not allowed to use or touch.
But as a slave I have got used to this situation and I know that my body does not belong to me. So for me my nipples are absolutely useless and without purpose.
But for my Master they are quite important. From the very beginning of my slavery he used my nipples as a key training element.

He loves to play with them, to give me pain and give me lust by touching my nipples. In most cases he loves to play with my nipples with his wonderful Master fingers so he can feel directly my skin. In the beginning I had quite some problem with that training, because my nipples have not been used that intense. They got sore and I could not wear clothes after the training. But it got better and better over time and now my body has adjusted to the training. On the one hand my Master likes to give me lust via my nipples. He plays with them quite often. It is his way of showing me how much he is in control about me and in control about my body. When I kneel down after I get home, he plays with my nipples, when I'm doing chores for him he plays with my nipples. In the morning he loves to wake up when he is still tired by playing with my nipples and he likes to fall asleep while playing with my nipples. And I swear to you he even sometimes plays with my nipples while he is asleep!

As you know I have to stay chaste and my Master edges me quite often. He knows that a chaste slave is a submissive slave and so he keeps me horny. While he edges me he plays with my nipples, he licks them and he strokes my dick, but of course I'm not allowed to come. This happens on a regular basis. But on the other hand of course my Master also likes to inflict pain on me via my nipples. He takes candles, clothespins, tit clamps and of course his fingers to hurt me. He loves for example to adjust tit clamps on me and gives me chores to fulfill while wearing them. Of course it hurts like hell but of course I also show hard quite often because my nipples are very sensitive parts of my body. But either way, if I get hurt or If I receive pleasure I'm trained to always present my nipples in the best possible way to my Master, so that he can reach them easily.

And I have to say while he is away my nipples especially miss the fingers of Master!

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Anonymous said...

Just finding to your blog, I enjoy it very much! Do you pump your nipples? Are you sometimes arguing with your Master?

Slave M. said...

Thank you for your comment, it is great that you enjoy our post! No, I don't pump my nipples. I don't argue with my Master, that would have a bad outcome for me:-)