Thursday, October 25, 2018

Having another Master to Dinner (Slave M's view)

My Master ordered me to write a post to his post "Having another Master to Dinner" from my point of view. So that our readers can also have the slaves' perspective on this topic.

I'm always kind of nervous when my Master invites guest where it is clear that I can be a normal slave. He only tells me shortly before the guests arriving. But I don't know if a slave or another Master or just a person that is interested in our lifestyle is coming. And of course I don't know what will happen that evening. Will my Master only show off his slave? Would he train me together with another slave? Would I also have to train the slave to show them how to deal with a Master properly? Or would my Master let another Master play with me and what would this other Master do to me?

Having another Master to Dinner (Master D's view)

I love to receive visit from friends who knows what kind of life we are living. In this case I do not have to "hide" my slave. We can the live our "normal" life. My slave can then be displayed for what he is: A Slave. How such a visit looks like you can read here. This is a true story!

When I am awaiting visits from friends who are also into BDSM I do not tell my slave. Who and what type of visit is coming is not the concern of my slave. This situation shows that I am in charge and that I decide whom my slave has to serve! A good slave accept his position and serve every other person which his Master ordered him to.

Monday, October 22, 2018

How to address your Master properly

This entry does not give tips how you can address your Master. Because I think it is totally different in every Master-Slave-Relationship and of course each and every Master sets his own rules on how he wants to be addressed. But I can tell a little bit about how I address my Master.
As you already know me and my Master are also a couple. So of course I talk to him on first name basis, of course in a respectful way. This is mostly the way I talk to him when we are with other people and outside of our flat. Of course with the deepest respect I feel for him.

When we are alone my Master prefers a more adequate address. He likes to be called "Sir". In the beginning this was

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Example of using your houseslave properly and secretly

I want to share one of my experience which shows what it means to use your natural (house)slave properly, also when vanillas are around! So this is a true story!

I invited some friends over for dinner and to play some boardgames. You have to know that these friends I invited are vanillas. So they know nothing about our way of lifestyle but this means not that you can not use your slave properly! Our calendar are synchronized so my slave knew that I invited some friends over for dinner. As a good (house)slave he asked which friends are coming. I told him which friends will join. Why I told him that? Because my slave know the drinking and eating preferences of these friends and consider that for his shopping list.

So before I met my friends he went shopping. He bought the favorite beer, drinks and snacks of each person, then cleaned the apartment, prepared the table, dishes etc.

Normally 5-10 min before (vanilla) friends are coming he is allowed to put on some clothes so that he is "undercover" and normally he than serves our guests unnoticed. He ask friendly if they want to have some more drinks, brings the food etc.
But this time I had other plans for him!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

What Domination means to me

Domination means that I am in charge and that I decide about another person (the slave). It means that my desires/interests are in the foreground, the slave has to set aside his interests and that I am higher on the hierarchy than him.

It does not mean I can do everything!!!
To be higher in the hierarchy means also to have (a lot more) responsibilities!
Yes my slave has to bring me drinks, has to be naked all the time when possible, eat/drink all his meal/drinks from a bowl, kiss/lick my feet, suck my dick and he has to obey a lot of rules. But I
would NEVER, EVER damage my slave (or an other slave) in a physiological or mental way! In one of my previous post I wrote that my slave is chaste without any chastity device. Domination means for me also to trust! I trust my slave! I trust him that he is honest to me and that he confess his "mistake" if he has done something wrong or against the rules! As long as he is honest and confess mistakes, everything is okay. Of course he will receive consequences and of course it can be that I am disappointed but as long as he is honest to me everything is okay and I am proud of him. The worst thing he can do is lie or be dishonest to me!

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Why my Master is keeping me chaste and why I think it is good for me

When I first met my master I was in my mid-twenties. I was jerking off between one and three times a day. When I was starting to meet my master I only met him once every month. He made it totally clear to me, that I was not allowed to shoot one week before the session. He did not gave me a chastity device. He just gave me the order and I followed it. He knew that I was a true natural slave and so he trusted me that I would not jerk off, even if my penis was not locked away.

During the sessions I was sometimes allowed to come, sometimes not. For my Master and me SM and sessions are not connected to orgasms. He expected me to be submissive even if I had jerked off and I did not know if I would get an orgasm when I met him.

Pretty soon it was clear that I would meet him on a regular basis. So he made it clear to me, that I was

Friday, October 5, 2018

Slaves and orgasm

My slave is not allowed to touch his cock or balls! This is one of his basics rules.

Of course there is a exception when he is cleaning himself. Since he is my slave he only received orgasms through my hand! It is an essential part of his slavery and shows who is in charge! Furthermore my slave has to "work" for an orgasm. Only when he is doing his chores properly and completes his slave training to my satisfaction he receive points. When he has enough points he receive an orgasm. Normally when he is doing all the chores and all the slave training properly it takes him about 2-3 Weeks to receive enough points for one orgasm. Sometime he receives an ruined-orgasm. That cost less points and the sexual pressure can be released a little bit. For me it is important that he can receive an orgasm (that is a good motivation for him) but it should be something "rare". He should appreciate the orgasm and see it as a reward!