Monday, October 22, 2018

How to address your Master properly

This entry does not give tips how you can address your Master. Because I think it is totally different in every Master-Slave-Relationship and of course each and every Master sets his own rules on how he wants to be addressed. But I can tell a little bit about how I address my Master.
As you already know me and my Master are also a couple. So of course I talk to him on first name basis, of course in a respectful way. This is mostly the way I talk to him when we are with other people and outside of our flat. Of course with the deepest respect I feel for him.

When we are alone my Master prefers a more adequate address. He likes to be called "Sir". In the beginning this was
really hard for me. Calling my partner "Sir". So my Master ordered me to call him that way. I almost couldn't do that and had problems to address him at all. I talked to him openly and asked him if it was ok for him if I could only called him "Sir" when I felt that way, and not when I was forced to. He said ok to that and was ready to give it a try. And guess what! After that it was much more easy for me to call him "Sir" and I do it more and more often. It feels now very natural for me to call my partner and Master "Sir" at home. Every time I do that I see a how happy my Master is. He knows I call him "Sir" because I feel that way and not because I'm forced to do it.  It comes from my deepest submissive inside.

In comparison he sets rules for addressing other Masters. He sets the clear rule that he is the only person I'm allowed to call "Sir". Other Masters have to accept that. And my Master is also the only person I'm allowed to address as "Master". If I talk about another Master, or if we meet another Master I have to refer to this person as "Master XY" to make absolut clear that I show this person respect, but that this person is not my Master.

So of course there is a variety of ways how you can call your own Master and other Masters. But I have noticed it doesn't matter that much how you call them, but how you treat them and how good you serve them and show them respect. With this in mind you can also call your Master on first name basis and it well absolute accurate, if you show your Master the deepest respect.

If you have any question or comments about addressing a Master let me know in the comment below.

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