Thursday, October 18, 2018

Example of using your houseslave properly and secretly

I want to share one of my experience which shows what it means to use your natural (house)slave properly, also when vanillas are around! So this is a true story!

I invited some friends over for dinner and to play some boardgames. You have to know that these friends I invited are vanillas. So they know nothing about our way of lifestyle but this means not that you can not use your slave properly! Our calendar are synchronized so my slave knew that I invited some friends over for dinner. As a good (house)slave he asked which friends are coming. I told him which friends will join. Why I told him that? Because my slave know the drinking and eating preferences of these friends and consider that for his shopping list.

So before I met my friends he went shopping. He bought the favorite beer, drinks and snacks of each person, then cleaned the apartment, prepared the table, dishes etc.

Normally 5-10 min before (vanilla) friends are coming he is allowed to put on some clothes so that he is "undercover" and normally he than serves our guests unnoticed. He ask friendly if they want to have some more drinks, brings the food etc.
But this time I had other plans for him!
This time we would be one person too much for our board-game night! I decided to park my slave in his cage. So I give him the order to go to the toiled the last time for a longer period of time and then he would be locked away! So there he is: naked only with his slave cuffs and his collar in his cage. Waiting while his Master will enjoy a wonderful evening with his friends. Because I told my friends that my slave (of course they don't know that he is my slave) will be not at home he received the order to be absolutely quiet! For every noise I will hear he would be punished.
So I closed the door of the room where he was locked away and also locked the door to this room.

I had a wonderful evening! I laughed, talked, drank and ate good with my friends. We played together games and enjoyed the night. Nobody knew that my slave was parked naked next door in his cage!
While we drank fancy whine from our glasses which by the way were polished from my slave for this evening while I was enjoying my spare time on the couch! My slave has only a bowl of water to enjoy in his cage.

After 5-6 hours my friends went home and of course the apartment was a mess. Like it is when you invite friend over. I went to the room where I locked my slave and let him lick my feed first before letting him out. As a good slave he knew what his duty are. He went to the rooms, cleared the table and began to clean up the apartment while I was sitting on the couch and enjoyed the rest of my wine and watched him do his duties. I think he liked the situation or more precisely his cock liked it! Afterwards he was allowed to lick my feed and balls before going to bed!

If you have any question or comments about this experience let me know in the comment below.


Unknown said...

My Sir frequently has vanilla friends over for dinner which i prepare, serve, and clear while Sir entertains his guests. He will tell me whether i am allowed free conversation or only allowed to answer and ask questions. Those guest never seem to notice the power differential or know about it but never comment. with leather quests i am frequently nude except for my collar and boots.

Master D. said...

Hi Fox Meeker!
Nice to hear that there are more of our kinds. It is the same with my slave. When he is not parked in the cage he also cooks, served drinks/meals and cleans when vanilla guests are visiting us. I don‘t believe that our vanilla friends recognise the way we live. When I give him orders I do it subtle. He understands it and the guests are not confused.
Stay tuned!

Imperfectionist said...

Excellent post. I had a live-in house slave girl for a while who as kept nude full time and I would confine her to a room upstairs when I had vanilla friends visit.

Master D. said...

Hello Imperfectionist.
Thank you! Indeed, keeping the slave(girl) naked ist a good way to show the hierarchy. Nice to hear that you had a similar experience with your slavegirl.
Until now we only met other male Master or slave. Would be a nice experience to meet a straight BDSM-couple.
Stay tuned!