Thursday, October 25, 2018

Having another Master to Dinner (Slave M's view)

My Master ordered me to write a post to his post "Having another Master to Dinner" from my point of view. So that our readers can also have the slaves' perspective on this topic.

I'm always kind of nervous when my Master invites guest where it is clear that I can be a normal slave. He only tells me shortly before the guests arriving. But I don't know if a slave or another Master or just a person that is interested in our lifestyle is coming. And of course I don't know what will happen that evening. Will my Master only show off his slave? Would he train me together with another slave? Would I also have to train the slave to show them how to deal with a Master properly? Or would my Master let another Master play with me and what would this other Master do to me?

My Master only gives me that amount of information that I need to know to fulfill my duties. How many people are coming, how many courses are expected and if there is some special diet that has to be taken care of. So for this evening I only knew that I had to prepare the flat and a three course meal for two people. It was kind of a hurry for me to clean the apartment properly, and get all the groceries I would need. But I managed to do it all in time.

Shortly before the guest was arriving I was blindfolded, gagged and I had to hold a tray with two glasses of sparkling wine in front of me. So I thought another Master would be the guest. And I was right! The two Masters approached me, played with my nipples, my dick and enjoyed the sparkling wine. I had problems to hold the tray still, seeing nothing and being touched and stimulated at my dick and nipples. I was very pleased when I heard the voice of the other Master because I already knew him. He is also a real Master, a friendly guy who does hard things and is 100% top. This Master is one of the few that I would call "Natural Masters". He does not have to shout or to humiliate the slave to show that he is in charge. This Master has a natural authority and he uses that. He can talk totally normally to you while inflicting pain on you. You just know who is in charge. But what I and my Master also like about him is, that for him it is absolut normal that I'm the slave of my Master and that he is only allowed to dominate me when my Master gives the OK to the situation. He stays within the certain frame that my Master sets for using me. But within this frame he operates quite intense:-) I know him quite a time and I also consider him a friend. That made the evening more easy for me.

Don't get me wrong I serve every Master the same when my Master decides so. But serving a Master I know and I find likable is more easy. I know what the Master likes and can react to that. I'm trained to please different kind of Masters, and I have it in me, because I am a natural slave.
Some like slaves that are 100% obedient, some like slaves that resist a little and they have to push to do things, some like slaves who beg for their dick, boots or shoes. Some like slaves that only lick their boots when they are told so and the stay silent the rest of the evening. So as a slave you have to know those types and react to that, to give the guest-master the optimum of pleasure. That´s what my Master expects of me. To give his guests the optimum of pleasure.

From my perspective I really enjoyed the evening! I had the opportunity two serve two real Masters! And I could show what a good slave I am that my Master would be proud. I would want to thank my Master for the nice compliments he wrote about that evening in his entry. I'm glad that he noticed how hard I try to be a good slave and servant.
What I also really enjoyed that the other Master also enjoyed to have a servant around and used me in that way. We had some disappointing experiences with Masters that visited us that pretend to be real Masters. But when they came and saw a real slave, they were really kind of soft and didn't use me as servant or slave. Sometimes people are horny and when they see their fantasy come true, they are soft allover.
So I really enjoyed the evening, because I could serve the other Master and he enjoyed being served by a naked chained male to whom he could give orders. And that made my Master proud which makes me happy!

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