Friday, October 5, 2018

Slaves and orgasm

My slave is not allowed to touch his cock or balls! This is one of his basics rules.

Of course there is a exception when he is cleaning himself. Since he is my slave he only received orgasms through my hand! It is an essential part of his slavery and shows who is in charge! Furthermore my slave has to "work" for an orgasm. Only when he is doing his chores properly and completes his slave training to my satisfaction he receive points. When he has enough points he receive an orgasm. Normally when he is doing all the chores and all the slave training properly it takes him about 2-3 Weeks to receive enough points for one orgasm. Sometime he receives an ruined-orgasm. That cost less points and the sexual pressure can be released a little bit. For me it is important that he can receive an orgasm (that is a good motivation for him) but it should be something "rare". He should appreciate the orgasm and see it as a reward!

My slave has self-discipline! So he is not wearing any chastity device. Every slave can wear a chastity device and is then chaste. A good trained slave can be chaste on command without any devices. That is much harder and needs much more self disciple. Furthermor I love to see his boner when he his doing his chores or when I train him. I want full access to all body parts at all time. But sometimes I lock him. Not because of safety reason more because of the psychology behind the meaning of being locked. More in another post about chastity.

One thing that I notice is that my slave is more devoted and focused when kept chaste. I have the impression that he receive also little relief when he can give me a orgasm.
An other point of giving the slave seldom a orgasm is that it is more intense to him like to someone who has everyday a orgasm!

One of the main reason why a slave should be kept chaste is that he is aware of his position. He is not longer in charge of his body. Furthermore his pleasure is not in the foreground! He has to focus on his Masters needs and only he can give him sexual relief.

My slave wrote also about being chaste. You can find the post here

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Gerry said...

This post resonates very strongly with me. For whatever physical reason I cannot wear a chastity device for more than a few days at a time as my body then starts to reject the imprisonment. Nevertheless I am strongly committed to chastity and have learnt to remain chaste without a chastity device. Of course it would be much easier if my slave-cock was hidden in a chastity device: it would be a physical barrier to masturbation; it would be obvious to those I serve that my slave-cock is only available to my key-holder and Master; and it would give my Master assurance that I remain chaste whenever he requires it. But trust between Master and slave is vitally important and, as Master D makes clear in his post, where there is complete trust then no physical chastity device is necessary: Master can instruct the slave to remain chaste in the sure knowledge that the slave will obey. That lesson is, for me, one of the most important in my slave training but it is more than that. It is also a comfort and reassurance: a comfort that I need not concern myself that I cannot wear a chastity device and a reassurance that chastity without a physical device is not only valid but in many ways a more perfect journey as it affirms the trust between Master and slave.