Friday, September 28, 2018

Session vs. 24/7

When I tell someone in the BDSM scene that I live in a BDSM lifestyle and I have a natural slave (24/7) they come with ideas that never fits reality! Yes my slave has a lot of rules which he has to observe. But no, he is not locked up in a cage the whole day where he is only allowed to come out when I need his services! He is not living in fear. There are huge differences between having a session and living BDSM 24/7.

Mostly you order your session slave to come on a specific date. With the arriving of the slave the session starts and ends with sending him home. Perhaps your boundary to the slave is only based on BDSM because you do not want an emotional connection with him. So no smalltalk, only using the slave, having fun, and sending him home. Perhaps you first dominate him and afterwards you treat him equally. So the hierarchy disappears. There are various way to plan and do a session but one thing is sure: The hierarchy ends with sending the slave home or you end the session and treats him equally. The rules and structure of the "slavery" is only present when the session is ongoing.

In the live of my slave the rules and structures I made applies all the time. I call this the low protocol.
When I train him in specific areas or I only want to enjoy him in a certain way more rules applies. I call this the high protocol. These are rules which are unrealistic to apply in daily live.
As example: In some trainings or slave modes he is not allowed to speak to me or he has to act very focused which is impossible 24/7.

The big different between a session is that the rules and structure has to fit in daily life! Not only for a period of time. Furthermore the rules and structure have to be "fair". When you set a rule in a session which is hard to follow it is no big deal. The slave will receive sometimes a punishment for it and at the end he will go home. The rule is not valid anymore but in our way to live the rules and structure has to be feasible and my slave has to live it. When I want to challenge him I give him an order which applies only for certain time but never a rule which is challenging! I do not speak of rules in the initial phase. New rules can take some time and perhaps the slave needs some correctives until he is into it.

If my slave does not follow the rule properly he receive a punishment. I am very strict on that. The harder the rules are to live (for the slave) the more "work" you have as a strict Master!
The most Masters forget that not only the slaves lives in a 24/7 relationship also the Master has to life it 24/7.

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Curious as to how Sir punishes slave.