Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The 2 Slave-Types: The Pseudo Session Slave (3/4)

The pseudo session slave is normally a "natural" slave but intend to be a session slave. There can be a lot of reason why the natural slave pretend to be a session slave. Here some examples:
  • It is easier for him to accept his being as a slave when it is temporary but inside he is an natural slave. With the right Master he could find confidence and life his natural desires.
  • He has to have a strict cut between "private life" and his being as a slave. He is not able to mix it.
  • He did not found the matching Master yet.
  • To be a slave can be interpreted as weakness or "less worth" in our society or by other BDSM people (more about this topic in another post).

These slaves are really loyal to their Masters. Masters who don't want to live a BDSM-Lifestyle (24/7) but want a natural slave and train them to their desire/needs matches together. It is more than a session slave and less than a lifestyle. Furthermore there has to be rules and structure which applies and both have to be a natural in their way. This kind of slave (and master) makes a clear cut between the private life and the BDSM life. They will not meet each other in "private life" for example go for a drink or talking about there private lives.

So here my conclusion about the 2 slave types.

If you have any question or comments about the pseudo session slave let me know in the comment below:

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Sneakerboy Gent said...

I would put myself in this category but with the difference that my Master and I talk about private things in life, we seldom meet socially for e.g. having a drink, when we meet it is almost always to have a BDSM game in which I have to serve Him, obey His every command and even get punished or tortured even when I perform well.

Master D. said...

Hi Sneakerboy!
Nice to read your comment. The most important thing is that your Master is happy with it and you enjoys serving him! When the "session"-situation fits for you both it is perfect!
Enjoy the blog and stay tuned!

Andy said...

I found myself in this particular blog...but with one enormous caveat. I've yet to have a master of any kind. In my head, when I am delineating what I am looking for, it is the type of relationship you describe in this Pseudo Natural slave but it feels, not quite right. But, as I continue on this exploration and keep trying to figure out who exactly I am, I find it is only the elements of natural Master/slave, that bring out true excitement and passionate emotions in me. Also, a hell of a lot of fear. Hence, I haven't acted on these feelings yet. I am beginning to understand and slowly accept that I want to find something similar to what the two of you have. Lol! I have met a couple Masters on Recon that I developed an understand with, but just today I realized what I was actually doing. Both of them are on the other side of the continent and therefore unavailable. I kept myself safe. Amazing what tricks we can play on ourselves.

I just discovered your blog three days ago, and I am studying it as if it held the secrets of life within. For me....it probably does.

Thank you, Gentlemen!

Andy said...

One last thought...(I am writing this more for myself than anyone reading. It is the public forum I need, as opposed to the private journal. To "come out", if you will), Most of my life I have frequently been indifferent to whether I reached orgasms or not. Don't get me wrong...I enjoy an Orgasm as much as the next guy, but it was rarely the desire to have an orgasm, that would drive me into the arms of another man. Without realizing it, it was the want/need to give pleasure to another man that was my impetus to having sex....but I never identified it as such. Men would frequently feel they had performed inadequately if I didn't have an orgasm, so I frequently did to please them. The blinders are off now, and I am finally getting in touch with my core personality. Sorry....won't do this kind of thing again. But had to say it once publically.