Friday, September 21, 2018

The 2 Slave-Types: My Conclusion (4/4)

Every slave is different but normally you can categorize them in one of the two (and a half) main types. Some Masters like to have session slaves, while other wants natural slaves and other like both.

Of course I am not unbiased. I am a natural Master and own my natural (non masochistic) slave! It is my way of lifestyle and I love it! I love to dominate my slave in daily live and in many areas. Because of that it is obvious that I prefer naturals slaves but from time to time I also prefer pseudo sessions slaves. More then session slaves. Because there are more authentic.

Why do I also prefer (pseudo) session slaves?
My slave has clear structures and rules. I am a consistent Master. He receive only punishment when he did something wrong or the quality was not good enough. On the other side he receive no order from my side which are insoluble! Of course they can be difficult orders/task but never insoluble! This is the way how I treat my natural slave. Because he is a natural, non masochistic, slave. Punishment means for him punishment. He would never ask my to spank him because he desires it and for me it would be very strange in this constellation! He is a "real" slave.

The Mindset of an session slave is another! When I invite a session slave I use him for my desires. If I want to hurt him without any reason I do so. If I want do give him almost insoluble task I will do that. The whole situation is another. He comes for a defined amount of time and I take what I want to take. The mindset and constellation is another. I can dominante him differently.

You will ask: Why are you not using your Slave?
Yes of course I can also use my slave for all my (sadistic) desire. But it has to be in a reasonable way. It has to fit to all rules and structure he has. If he fears to become at any moment a slap (as a non masochist slave) he would live in fear. That a slave has fear can sometimes be a good and joyful thing but only in small doses not "24/7"!!!

I want to give also another example to explain the difference. When a slaves is into breath control he reacts total different as a slave who hates it. So for one slave breath control is a (big?) punishment and for the other it is arousing. So they will act total differently to the practice of breath control. The body language, the mindset and the whole interaction is different. The same appears when I invite a session slave!

Another reason is that every slave if different and sometime it is fun that to see the reaction of another slave. So to have another synergy.

If you have any question or comments about my conclusion here let me know in the comment below.

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