Friday, September 14, 2018

The 2 Slave-Types: The Natural Slave (1/4)

In this series I will first define what a "natural slave" is. In the second post I will write about the "session slave". Afterwards I will describe in the third post the "pseudo session slave" and at the end I will give my conclusion to the slave-types. Of course there are more subtypes: The Masochistic Slave, Submissive Slave, Dogslave and so on. Here I focus on the two main types! Enjoy!

It is also important to keep in mind that their are also two Master-types. I will write about that in another post series.

The Natural Slave

As you expect a natural slave do not play a "role". He feels high and a low protocol. Rules & structure that applies at any time (low protocol) and rules & structures that applies when you train, demonstrate or would like to enjoy your slave in an "full-slave mode" (high protocol). In another post I will describe the difference between a sessions and the BDSM Lifestyle with the low/high protocol. Here I want to focus on the two slave-types.
that he wants to serve a Master. This enjoys and brings him happiness. His purpose is to serve and make his Owner/Master happy. The natural slave sees always the hierarchy and know his place even when the "session" is over. Also when he meets you on the street or you talk "normal" with him he recognize the hierarchy and sees his position as slave. In my point of view, you need for this kind of slave a

This slave-type searches for a matching Master. So for a natural Master. Someone who is not playing a role and and "lives" as a Master. I have to anticipate to the topic "Master-Types" therefore. The natural Master is also dominant when he is not horny! And his focus of domination lays not primarily and secondarily in sex! But more about it in another post.

As everything in the world there are advantages and disadvantages about this slave-type depending on the view you have:

+ Authentic Slaves!

+ He will learn your needs/desire faster.
+ The position are at any time clear (no start & no end)*

+ Needs of his Master is in the foreground (not his orgsm/ or desire of sex)

Depending on our view
± You have to be strict & authentic.
± The slave is searching a natural Master.
± It has to be "real" so you need clear rules & structures!
± Boundary between Master and slave is more intense and important.


- Are hard to find.
- To punish/torture the slave can be more difficult for some Master because of the boundary.

If you have any question or comments to this slave-type let me know in the comment below:

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