Thursday, January 26, 2023

BDSM and food

BDSM and food? You might be suprised how those two topics can be connected. But food is a huge part of all our life and as in our life BDSM is a huge part I decided on reflecting on different aspects of it.

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Effects on using a chastity device on slaves

As you probably know. I lock up the useless slavecock when ever possible. Not for security reasons - because of the psychological effects and the sybolic and meaning behind.

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Another visit to Master D. and slave m.

For the first time since summer 2020 I have the honor of visiting Master D. and Slave M. again. As usual this visit was planned several months in advance which always brings with it the nice side effect of more intense communication during the time leading up to the visit. I am not good at keeping in touch virtually but with a fix visit planned for the near future we somehow manage to interact more frequently which helps to slowly increase the excitement and make the visit even more special.

Thursday, January 5, 2023

Serving at a BDSM club

There are many ways how a slave can serve, espacialy at a BDSM event. I love to go to a good BDSM "party" where I can meet with like-minded people. Unfortunatly these events are rare. I am not seeking sex. I am seeking for "pure" BDSM and if I am honest a lot of focus on these parties are about sex. That is of course absolutely fine but it is not what I am search for.

Nevertheless it makes me extremly happy when I can attend a BDSM event where I can find like-minded Doms or slaves. This happened at our visit in Prag and as always my well trained slave served me and other doms as I expected!

We met Master Dansan and his slave as well as his BDSM friends at the event. My slave had to eat and drink out of the bowls and was of course not allowed to use furnitures, rules which applies always when possible - more about it here. Furthermore he brought drinks and stand in the queue for the doms we met. That is what a natural slave was born for: serving real men in every aspect. While the Superiors had a nice chat the slave stand in queue for drinks. He actively asked if they want something to drink. Lick boots to show his position as inferior. Furthermore he attentively but passively follows the conversation of the Doms to react if their comes up something where he can serve.