Thursday, January 19, 2023

Effects on using a chastity device on slaves

As you probably know. I lock up the useless slavecock when ever possible. Not for security reasons - because of the psychological effects and the sybolic and meaning behind.

My slave is male but I do not see him as a man. There is no better way to keep him reminded of his status in the hierarchy as an inferior male then keeping him locked. The symbol of manhood locked away and handed over to a Superior man! That is what chastity is for me. Furthermore he is not able to use an urinal any more like free or superior males or at least not without a risk of exposing his hierarchy towards others.

I have to admit I believe to see a pattern in most slaves which are held chaste. It helps them to be focused on the Master and serving him properly.  A (comfy) chasitity device can underline that and multiply the focus, as well as support the understanding of their beings.

My slave once told me he fears that wearing the cage shrinks his useless slavecock. I do not believe that and see no sign of it but also when it would be true: It does not matter! His slavecock will never again fuck. The slavecock has only entertainment purpose. The natural slave pleasure and his purpose should be serving real men.

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