Thursday, June 27, 2019

The surprising visit of slave N.

My Master loves to surprise his slaves. I think it is some kind of way to feel and show control. Last weekend he could really surprise me – and also in a very positive way! I received the order to keep a special weekend totally free of appointments long ago. But I was not told anything more. When the weekend came closer and closer I received more clues. I only received the hints I needed for my slave duties. I had to be home on Friday at a special time, the flat should look like this and that and I would have to buy ingredients for a 3-course-dinner on Friday. I became really nervous and anxious. Would another Master visit us? Another slave? Someone new, or someone I already knew? But I knew better than to ask my Master and he loved to see my nervousness before the weekend and how I prepared everything.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Slave N. serving Master D. - guest commentary

Blog post from Slave N.
I wake up in the morning. The first thing I see is the chain with which my collar is fixed to a hook in the wall in order to limit my freedom of movement. Then I see the locked cuffs around my wrists. Needless to say that I spent the night on the floor. The chain, the locked cuffs and lying in front of the couch immediately remind me of my position for this weekend with Master D. and Slave M. And it feels great! I feel excited, happy and proud. And I have to admit it immediately makes my dick hard. It is small details like these that often have the biggest impact and make a lasting impression. And it is these small details I appreciate and value so much about Master D. and his way of living BDSM.

Friday, June 14, 2019

My useless slave nipples

As a slave I'm not allowed to touch my nipples nor my genitals except for cleaning. It is a strange feeling to have a part of your body that you are not allowed to use or touch.
But as a slave I have got used to this situation and I know that my body does not belong to me. So for me my nipples are absolutely useless and without purpose.
But for my Master they are quite important. From the very beginning of my slavery he used my nipples as a key training element.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Going the extra mile for your Master

There are many ways in which you can serve your Master and today I want to focus on one special aspect about it. I have read about it myself some years ago in another blog and the slave there called it "going the extra mile".  Since that I was fascinated from this concept and I have tried to adapt it in my own slavery and want to share it with you.

What does it mean?
It means that the slaves performs a given task or his normal slave tasks with extra effort. In many cases the Master does not know about this extra effort, sometimes he notices it - sometimes not. But the point is that the slave fulfills his duties by going the extra mile.