Saturday, June 25, 2022

What does active submission mean to me?

One of the Doms I follow on twitter and I admire most asked me how I use active submission to be eager and obedient at the same time. 

That is a very good question! Some people would say to be active and to be submissive contradicts each other. I think there are many Doms that enjoy a totally obedient slave. A slave that only waits for the next order and only fullfills the very certain order and waits silently until the next order is given. Then there are surely Doms that enjoy an active submissve slave that is active around the house, makes suggestions offers their holes from time to time etc. I think Master and me are somewhere inbetween.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Using a slave as an object

As you know I see slaves as objects and therefore I use them for example as furniture. It reduces a slave to "nothing". Perhaps you might ask "What is the fun part about using a slave as a (pure) object? Nothing happens..."

Exactly! The object is serving only and only with its presence. Furthermore an object does not receive or can expect any kind of attention - so on a hypothetical level it is the purest serving you can get as a Master while in the other direction the object receives no "stimulations". A pure object has only one job and everthing else does not matter! 

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Your question: Are there days where I need a break from BDSM?

Thank you for your questions that you have for me and our lifestyle. I want to answer the following question I received from a follower on twitter:

"From the outside your life style looks really intense. Are there days when you need a break from it all. Does sir allow you time to step back from the lifestyle for a moment."

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Keeping a slave chaste is half the way

As you know I keep my slave 24/7 chaste. In 90% of the time he wears his chastity device as a reminder of his position. Not able to touch or feel his useless slavecock. Furthermore he is forced to use the toilet and is "unable" to use a urinal which shows clearly his being as an inferior.