Thursday, June 2, 2022

Keeping a slave chaste is half the way

As you know I keep my slave 24/7 chaste. In 90% of the time he wears his chastity device as a reminder of his position. Not able to touch or feel his useless slavecock. Furthermore he is forced to use the toilet and is "unable" to use a urinal which shows clearly his being as an inferior.

But keeping my slave chaste is only half the way. Beside of keeping my slave chaste and locked it is important to keep him "stimulated". Not with his useles slavecock! No, but with his precious slave mind! Keeping his slavemind or slavebeing stimulated is the other half of the way to train a slave. I believe that if you keep a slave chaste without using him regulary and training him properly - and therefore not stimulating his slavemind - his "slave libido" drops. This is only my theory and purely hypothetical!

I saw and see how beneficial it is for my slave to be kept chaste. The focus shifts on serving Superiors and their needs. I believe my slave would never reached the deepth of submissivness he has today if his focus would be distracted from his slavecock or even orgasms. His sexual lust comes from serving and being used.

My slave often tells me that chastity improved his being as a slave and made him more happy. I absolutely believe that! He found his true being and happieness in serving me! Furthermore he found himself in being what he is: An inferior, a slave. I see and feel that every single day. Every day when he kneels before me. His joy is serving a Superior and being chaste helps and helped him to find his true being.

Does that mean every slave should be keept "absolutely" chaste? No, only the true passioned one. The slaves who were born to serve. The slaves which find happiness and fulfillment in serving Superiors. If you take them their sexuality away you need to substitute it with BDSM stimulation!

It is a process and it is not achieved over night! On the contrary: It crystallizes out over time.

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