Thursday, May 26, 2022

Recharching the batteries for Master and slave

As you already know Master considers himself as natural dominant and I consider myself as a natural submissive. My Master needs a submissive partner, as I need a dominant partner that I can worship. A day where I can't kneel in front of my Master is kind of a lost day and I also notice that when there are several days where I can't serve my Master that he starts to miss something deeply.

So of course we try to live our true nature as often as possible. But of course there are times where living our lifestyle is not as possible as we would want to live it. For example there are busy times at work, sickness, the meetings with friends and families where it is hard to live our lifestyle. Don't get me wrong in all these times I serve my Master as good as possible. 

But we both know that all those come to end and the times where we both can live our lifestyle more intense. And those hourse and days I call "recharging of the our batteries" and I love those hours. Let's assume we both had an intensive week behind us with a lot of work. How does recharging look then? It can mean for example that on our first free day together I will be put in the high protocol with my collar. Then I will probably be plugged, clean the flat etc. and perform all those tasks I could not do during the week. It is quite relaxing, we both spend the time kind of silent only comunicating the absolute necessary. Master giving orders and I performing orders. And I can really feel how my batteries are recharged while I serve my Master. The same goes for my Master. I really love it to see how his batteries are recharging while I worhship him and lick his Masterbody. Or how he recharges while he tortures me and relaxes as he sees me struggling in the shackles and sees my pained face. Depending on how long the phase before, where we could not live as intense has lasted, this recharging time might be hours or even days. After that we both come back to a more regular status between intense and less intense intervalls and our batteries are full for the next time where things might get busy. That is the great thing about a long term D/s relationship. You know what you want, you know what you need to be happy and you know what you miss. And you know that after busy times will follow relaxing times where you both can just be Master and slave!

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fs001 said...

So good to read how 2 human beings get happiness though this intimate connection, living freely what ther trully are. Thanks for being such a great example for us all! And thanks to Your Master and you for sharing, of course.