Saturday, May 21, 2022

The slave terminal - more improvements

As you probably read I work on a project called "slave terminal". You can read more about the idea and how it began here and some improvements I made here.

After a long time I started to work again on the slave terminal and made new changes. First I wanted to redesign it from the ground with "qt6". So that the graphical interface looks more fancy and that I can deploy it on several platforms - Windows, Mac, Linux. Unfortunatly I need more effort and time to dig deeper into qt6. So I decided to keep my version and redesign the code, add some new features as well as get rid of unused codeparts. Furthermore I cleaned up the database and made it more logical. Since I started the project I learned a lot about programing and databases! So it was time to get rid of my beginner's mistake.

What did I changed? 

  1. I added a daily e-mail report. The terminal sends out daily an encrypted report with the task my slave has done, which slave privileges he booked and on the other hand it also informs me about tasks/trainings which were not done in the time given. Therefore I can now clearly check if everything was logged correctly.
    In the past I had to check them on my own on the terminal or in the database and therefore I only checked it randomly.

  2. The terminal also controls the keybox which contains the key to open the cuffs of my slave. The box only opens at certain times and stays locked during the day. Therefore my slave can unlock the padlock to his cuffs and his neck chain when he leaves the house earlier than me - while I can still enjoy my sleep.
    Because there was no emergency release I kept the timespan wide open. I now implemented a emergency release. If my slave needs the key outside the given time he can now open the box, but of course I will be informed about it and if there was no emergency it will have harsh consequences.

  3. The logic of tasks and trainings were that if my slave does his tasks/trainings he receives bonus points and when he did not: the system added punishment points. Due to the fact that my slave lost his right of orgasms - which he had to "pay" with bonus points - I needed to do some changes because the bonus/punitive system was now unbalanced. Now he has to use his bonus points to redeem slave privileges like being allowed to wear underwear, use his phone on the weekend, drink coffee or if it is necessairy to remove his cage for some points. Nevertheless I can now decide and choose if he receives punitiv points for not doing a task/training or if he looses precious earned bonus points for not doing a task/training and therefore can redeem less privileges.

  4. Beside tasks, trainings and (monthly) privileges there are also "dailys". Dailys are optional daily task - like tidying up my home office. Furthermore dailys can also be a (daily) privileges - like consuming an alc. beverage or consuming a coffee - which my slave can book. In the past a daily could only be booked once a day. So I had the issue that if my slave drank two or three beverages which require bonus points he could not book it correctly. Whith the new changes I had done he can now book these kind of privileges multiple times a day - Of course only if I set the daily up for it.
As you see the slave terminal became an important part of the BDSM lifestyle and helps me to keep track on my slaves trainings as well as being asured that he is doing his slave dutys! On the other hand my slave has clear rules and structure he has to follow which is a very important part for his life as a slave.

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