Saturday, May 14, 2022

Being an introvert submissive

I have recently had a discussion with another slave about introvercy and submissivnes. We both wondered if many submissives are introverts and Master/Doms are rather extrovert?

I actually consider myself as kind of introvert. My Master is kind of extrovert. I would never say that you have to be introvert to be submissive and I don't think that all submissives are introverts. But in my case my introvercy fits my submissivnes rather well. For example: I enjoy being silent and spending time alone. Which comes quite handy because my Master often gags me or has me wear the collar, where I am only allowed to talk when necessary. Or I have to spend a long time alone in the cage or bound somewhere just waiting as an animal or an object. Of course I would also have to do those things when I would be an extrovert. But being an introvert helps in these cases. Social interaction is also easier for an introvert when your a submissive. There are clear rules for me on how to address other Masters and slaves, how to approach them etc. The same goes for events. When he have a BDSM event at home it is quite often my role to be a silent serving object while Master gives me orders and entertains the guests. It is similar for BDSM events we attend at other places. I feel most comfortable kneeling silently in front of my Master at a bar, while he enjoys a drink with other people. 

I would really be interested in your opinion. Do you consider yourself as an introvert submissve or an extrovert Dom? Or is it the other way round?

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I think you’ve identified a general truth for kinksters. Many of us are introverts or socially challenged. The structure provided by our scene and lifestyle makes socialization easier for many.