Thursday, June 16, 2022

Using a slave as an object

As you know I see slaves as objects and therefore I use them for example as furniture. It reduces a slave to "nothing". Perhaps you might ask "What is the fun part about using a slave as a (pure) object? Nothing happens..."

Exactly! The object is serving only and only with its presence. Furthermore an object does not receive or can expect any kind of attention - so on a hypothetical level it is the purest serving you can get as a Master while in the other direction the object receives no "stimulations". A pure object has only one job and everthing else does not matter! 

- a table has to give a storage surface
- a footstool holds feet
- a chair gives rest
- an ashtray collects ash
and so on...

If I use my slave as a pure object he really has only one job depending on what I am using him. I expect absolut silence and do not want to get bothered. Of course it is absolut normal that he sometimes struggle - moves a bit - because of the stress position he is in. As long as he does not bother me with any loud noices it is absolutely okay.

Of course when seeing my object like this I can not get my hands or boots from it. So it can be absolut normal that I play with its slavenippels or with its useless slavecock. Of course it has to remain absolut silent when doing it. Objects do not speak. Furthermore I love to objectify it with the full covert mask (you see it in the picture). The mask is perforated with extrem tiny holes which allow the object to see but from the outside you only see a fully covert mask. Therefore you can read absolutely no facial expression! The key for a good object! If mouth or eyes would be visible our brain automatically tries to read the tiniest facial expression. With this mask - no chance. It transforms the slave into a pure object and you will not be bothered with any facial expression or whatsever.

I believe that this kind of training and protocol sounds easy but be assured sitting or being for hours in some kind of stress position - sometimes without any external stimulations - is a state which has to be trained!

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