Saturday, June 25, 2022

What does active submission mean to me?

One of the Doms I follow on twitter and I admire most asked me how I use active submission to be eager and obedient at the same time. 

That is a very good question! Some people would say to be active and to be submissive contradicts each other. I think there are many Doms that enjoy a totally obedient slave. A slave that only waits for the next order and only fullfills the very certain order and waits silently until the next order is given. Then there are surely Doms that enjoy an active submissve slave that is active around the house, makes suggestions offers their holes from time to time etc. I think Master and me are somewhere inbetween.

Master enjoys giving commands, making rules and he expects His commands to followed to the point. But living together with his slave he also enjoys when I am in some part an active submissive. This is how it works for us: Living together with my Master and being His slave for a decade I always try to improve. This can mean I think about someting Master could enjoy, I think about something I read or saw online which I think my Master would also enjoy or be great in our relationship. These are things I present my Master as an active submissive. But it is the way I do it. I only present those things to my Master in high protocol (with collar etc.) in a humble way and ALWAYS as a suggestion. He is the only one that decides. This could mean that I kneel in front of my Master and say: "Master I have thought about XY. Would you enjoy if I would integrate it in my daily routine?" or "Master would you enjoy if we would make XY a new rule?" Master usually thinks some time about it and then tells me if He likes the new idea, or does not want it or just wants an adaption of it. 

Being an active submissive also means to know and expect the wishes of my Master before He even tells them. That can mean offering Him a drink before He orders one, starting to lick His feet before He orders it.  Doing chores at home without an order given where I know Master will enjoy that while He is away. 

What I would never do is to start begging or start things on my own where I know I am not allowed to. I would never say things like "I need to be fucked!" or "I need to feel your Masterdick inside me." That is begging and in my opinion a good slave should not beg - unless the Dom enjoys it and encourages it. Or I would never start to lick the Masterdick on my own, at maximum the feet as I have written above.

The important thing for me with active submissivnes is that the Master is always in control and always in charge. All the things I do and say are just suggestions where my Master can decide. For example when I start to lick the feet of my Master He can either enjoy it or order me to do somethings else. The same with the other things I come up as an active submissive. Master always decides if he wants and enjoys it or not.

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