Sunday, July 3, 2022

Why I decided to keep my slave locked permanently

I never thought or intended to keep my slave permantly locked. On the contrary: I always thought keeping his useless slavecock "free" but of course chaste has more benefits then locking it away. I have to admit: I was not fully right.

I noticed that my slave is slightly more submissive and gets more often reminded of its position during the day when its locked. Furthermore I noticed that its slightly more focused on serving me when wearing his cage. Do not get me wrong: My slave is always submissive and always aware about its position. 

I think keeping my slave locked helps him to keep focused on the important part of life: Serving me. I also noticed that when my slave is unlocked and having a boner he presents its useless cockslave. Of course as a sign that he is aroused and showing that he likes the situation. I have to admit I like to edge a slavecock when I see one. Showing my power over a slave. Therefore he receives less edging and less stimulation.

After keeping my slave looked over a certain period of time I saw advantages. I have to admit seeing its useless slavecock caged is a strong sign of ownership and submissivness. Knowing he is unable to touch his slavecock and I soon noticed he became more sensible when playing with his useless slavecock. Furthermore I noticed he became more sensible on his slave nipples and to touches in general. Therfore I decided to keep him permantely locked.

Permanantely locked does not mean he never gets out. There are situation where I unlock him. Permanentely locked means when ever possible and the situations allowes it. Furthermore my slave has to wear his cage day and night and with its training he is used to wear the cage for several weeks without unlocking him. If there are no situation which requiere to unlock him. But be asure, after the situation passed he will be wearing his cage again.

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Anonymous said...

Which chastity cock cage do you prefer keeping your slave in?

Master D. said...

stainless steel. We tried a lot before we found the right one.
It´s a no name stainless steel cock cage.

Anonymous said...

It took me a long time to find the correct one.

Anonymous said...

It's probably best to have a generic no name need to spend a lot just to lock up something so useless and insignificant.

Anonymous said...

As a locked slave it agrees with the observation that a locked slave is totally focused on serving its Master. When locked it cannot stop thinking about its Master and the honour of serving Masters cock.