Thursday, June 6, 2019

Going the extra mile for your Master

There are many ways in which you can serve your Master and today I want to focus on one special aspect about it. I have read about it myself some years ago in another blog and the slave there called it "going the extra mile".  Since that I was fascinated from this concept and I have tried to adapt it in my own slavery and want to share it with you.

What does it mean?
It means that the slaves performs a given task or his normal slave tasks with extra effort. In many cases the Master does not know about this extra effort, sometimes he notices it - sometimes not. But the point is that the slave fulfills his duties by going the extra mile.

Examples can be:
Your Master likes a special bottle of wine. The shop where you normally buy it has run out of this bottle. You go to three other stores to find the bottle your Master likes. In the end the bottle of wine is at home without the Master knowing how much effort you put into it to get it.

Your Master wants to spend a free day with you. You reschedule your work and it takes you some time to do it. But in the end you succeed and your Master can enjoy his free day with his slave.

But of course you can also do that when you have not a permanent Master. Listen here very carefully what this Master likes. Try to surprise him with those small details and try to make them seem easy. For example: You notice that your session Master loves a special kind of chocolate - surprise him with that and he will be pleased.

I love this concept very much because it shows my true slave nature and I embrace it. My Master loves to see me struggle and put effort in what I do for him. But for me as his slave it also means that I have to worry him with every small detail when I have troubles fulfilling his orders. It is important that I do those orders no matter how easy or hard it is fore me to reach them.

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