Sunday, September 16, 2018

The 2 Slave-Types: The Session Slave (2/4)

A session slave is a slave which serve for several hours or days. So this type of slave is not a "natural" one. He wants to serve only in a defined time slot. Outside this time slot he can be submissive but only when he wants to. Exaggerated: He "plays" the role of an slave. The desire to be a slave is temporary. The desire to serve is by the most session slaves linked to the desire to receive an orgasm. Mostly the desire to be a slave lasts until they orgasm. So either the hierarchy only exists within the defined time-slot or until they orgasm.
More about the the difference between a session itself and a 24/7 lifestyle will be discussed in another blog entry. Here I want to focus on the two main slave-types and not on a BDSM-session.

This slave-type is searching for someone who is "temporarily" his Master. As everything in the world there are advantages and disadvantages about this slave-type depending on the view you have:

+ The mindset is clear.
+ It has a beginning and an end. (Makes it normally easier for some masters/slaves)

Depending on our view
± You need less time/structure/rule for an session slave.
± Most session slaves do not really search a fix master.
± Boundary between master and slave is less intense.
    ❍ Less (emotional) relationship helps most master to be more strict/consequent. (Can handle the slave harder).
    ❍ Less (emotional) relationship helps most slaves to accept the procedure of being dominated/humiliated.

- Are not 100% authentic slaves
- Train the slave for your desire and needs takes more time. (depending also on the subtype of slave)
- Most session slaves put there desire for sex/orgasm in the foreground!
- After orgasm the need to serve disappears.
- Wants only to be a slave when they are horny.

There is also another a subtype of session slave: "The Pseudo Session Slave"

If you have any question or comments about the session slave let me know in the comment below:

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