Thursday, October 11, 2018

What Domination means to me

Domination means that I am in charge and that I decide about another person (the slave). It means that my desires/interests are in the foreground, the slave has to set aside his interests and that I am higher on the hierarchy than him.

It does not mean I can do everything!!!
To be higher in the hierarchy means also to have (a lot more) responsibilities!
Yes my slave has to bring me drinks, has to be naked all the time when possible, eat/drink all his meal/drinks from a bowl, kiss/lick my feet, suck my dick and he has to obey a lot of rules. But I
would NEVER, EVER damage my slave (or an other slave) in a physiological or mental way! In one of my previous post I wrote that my slave is chaste without any chastity device. Domination means for me also to trust! I trust my slave! I trust him that he is honest to me and that he confess his "mistake" if he has done something wrong or against the rules! As long as he is honest and confess mistakes, everything is okay. Of course he will receive consequences and of course it can be that I am disappointed but as long as he is honest to me everything is okay and I am proud of him. The worst thing he can do is lie or be dishonest to me!

To dominate means not to control every tiny bit of his life! My slave receive some privacy! That is important for the mental health. Every healthy human being needs some privacy so I would never read his SMS/WhatsApp/E-Mail or check his website history. The only exception are some Gay/Dating/BDSM/Porn platforms. There I have access to his accounts and can see the content.
But of course I (can) decide when and how long he receive time for that. One of the punishment he can receive is that he has only restricted access to apps or internet. But back to the topic of domination. I trust him that he follows the rules I set for him and that he confesses when not!

Domination means also that I have the whole responsibility of my slave! If anything happen I am responsible for that! As example: If I borrow my slave to another Master or invite another Master, I am responsible that no limits will be exceeded!

Domination mean not that I do not involve my slave into my decisions. He is allowed to do proposal or to give advices about decision I made. He is allowed to talk to me about everything. A open communication is very important (more about this in another post). But I am the decision maker and I have always the last word!

If you have any question or comments about my point of view about domination let me know in the comment below.

2 comments: said...

Thank you Sir for this description of domination. Porn sites rarely show the responsibility of a Master.

Master D. said...

Hi Slave Fox!
That is true! Porn sites wants to receive viewers and that can be made if they show you some fantasy what has nothing to do with reality! Perhaps I will write a post about that topic! Stay tuned.