Thursday, May 23, 2019

Sex, sex and sex

Many people ask us how often we have sex, what sex is like in a BDSM relationship, etc. We often tell people that sex is only marginal in our BDSM relationship and that many other things are much more important to us.
But of course sex is also one key element and so I want to commit this post to our sex-life and hopefully answer some of your questions.

As you already know sex is for me as a slave completely limited and very rare. I have to stay permanently chaste. Since I became the slave of my Master I'm have not been allowed to touch my dick or balls for sexual pleasure. I only receive orgasms by my Master as a rare form of reward for being a good slave and also to not drive crazy. Which might happen if I had to stay chaste and be edged for one year or so;-)

For my Master of course it is quite the opposite. He sexuality is totally open and up to his decisions. Whether it comes to stimulation be me, by himself or by having sex with others.
In reality I have to lick his balls and suck his dick quite often. He enjoys getting sucked and licked while he reads the newspaper, makes a phone call or watches TV. In this cases it is not that much about jerking off and having sex but more about getting stimulated and enjoying a slave and its services. Of course he jerks off quite often but not every time I suck him it leads to an orgasm. If you wonder, also sucking my Master is regulated. I'm only allowed to touch his Master dick on his order or on my request. I'm not allowed to start licking his Master dick on my own wish, but only on his wish. If I want to show my submission without asking, I'm only allowed to lick his feet.
Although my Master could jerk off any time by stimulating himself, he much more enjoys it when a slaves does that for him. In fact he sees it that way that slaves are also made for that, so that a Master does not have to masturbate. He quite enjoys my mouth. He loves getting sucked, but also fucks my face and throat several times a week.

Of course he also fucks me on a regular basis. As you already know (from this post) it took him a long time and a lot of training to make my ass fuckable. But now he trained me that way that he can fuck me almost any time he wants. It usually happens as part of a special training occasion. Or sometimes he just orders me out of the moment to go on all fours. Then I have to stop whatever I'm doing, go on all fours wherever I am and present my body and my ass to my Master. He then takes his time to fuck me for his pleasure. After that I'm allowed to go on with my tasks which I had stopped to be fucked.
So you see it is as simple as that in a BDSM relationship. The sex of the slave is rare and limited and the sex of the Master can happen any time and as often as he wishes.

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