Thursday, May 16, 2019

Coming back home from a business trip

The airplane is full! Still more then 6 hours to fly. At home my slave is awaiting me eagerly. The thoughts of my slave wearing his chastity device and how he had to sleep the last days on the floor makes me very happy. Furthermore to know that my slave will welcome me as I deserve it. As his Master all these things increases my anticipation.
After I landed my slave welcomed me over whatsapp. He also informed me that he had done all his household duty's as ordered. I informed him that I want to take a bath and a welcome drink when I would arrive at home. He asked if I wanted any specific drink. I told him he should surprise me. After I entered the train I received the following message from my beloved slave:
"If my Master wants to upgrade to the first class, it would be a honor for me to pay for it"
I didn't hesitate to take my luggage and move to the first class. I wrote him about the price and that I would now enjoy the first class. He wrote me:
"With pleasure, Sir. For my Master only the best."
The feeling of travelling in the first class payed by my slave is worthy of a Master! Because of that I sat now with a boner and a lot of anticipation in the train. To know that my slave had to work hard for his money and "spend" it voluntary for his Master to make my life more comfortably makes me extremely happy. Of course I could order him to pay for it if I wanted to. But this would not be the same! If a slave is that submissive that it feels right to him to pay voluntary for goods or services for his Master, is a deep sign that the slave is a natural slave. Furthermore it is a sign that he accepts his position as your slave and accepts you has his Master. So I really enjoyed the ride and I was eagerly awaiting my slave after that sign of affection and submissiveness.
"Where should the slave wait for his Master?"
My slave asked after I arrived at my destination. I wrote him where and in which position I would await him! After I opened the door to our home my slave waited exactly how I ordered him to. My welcome drink and the money for the upgrade were on the table. So I took the drink and the money and went to my slave who was kneeling, head on the floor and hands stretched out in front of him. I grabbed his balls and noticed his boner in the chastity device.
 "Hello my beloved slave! While I am taking a bath you will unpack my suitcase and go in the same position as you are right now after you finished unpacking. Understood?" - "Yes, Sir." - "Count silently and slowly to 10 and then begin with the order given".
I went with my drink to the bathtub and enjoyed my bath, while I heard the clatter from the locks of his cuffs. One of the sounds I really enjoy at home! The sound of a working slave. After some time the clatter disappeared. I knew that my slave had finished his order, went back into his position and would now be waiting for further orders. I relished the bath for some time and went then to my slave. I stood before him and touched his head with my feet. He immediately welcomed me with licking my feet. The way he licked my feet showed me that he eagerly awaited me! In the way he licked I knew he had missed me. I let him lick for quite a while and I enjoyed it extremely. I unpacked my balls and my cock, which was in that moment rock hard. I grabbed the collar of my slave and led his mouth to my balls. He knew what to do! My slave receives seldom the crop while licking. He knows after all these years how he has to lick my balls and feet! That he is not allowed to stay with his tongue on a single spot for too long and that he is not allowed to rest his head on my legs while licking. I read some news/e-mails while my slave was occupied.
"To my cock!"
He began to kiss my cock and slowly lick it. He knows that I hate it when slaves rushes. Every slave has to have the attitude of patience. Even if the slave is horny as hell and only wants to suck the Masters dick he has to be patiently and assure that his Master can enjoy the most. It is not about the slaves needs, it is about the Masters needs. So he went slowly more and more to my cock. kissed and licked it. He took my cock slowly in his mouth but only a little bit and went then back licking the cock. After some time he was sucking it! Well done, exactly how I liked it and trained him!
"With your tongue!"
This is a relatively new command he learned. He took my cock all the way in (deepthroat). While he has my cock all the way down he has to lick my balls with his tongue. Of course without gurgling!
He received the crop after gurgling.
This time he had his body under control. I repeated this order several times.
"Time for dinner my slave" - "Yes Sir. What does my Master want to drink while he is waiting?" - "Water and a glass of wine"- "Very well Sir"
He brought as ordered the drinks and began to cook the first course. While cooking he kept always an eye on my drinks to refill them.
He went in front of me, kneeled down, pushed his face on the floor and hand stretched out.
"The first course is ready to be served, Sir."
But of course I first finished what I was doing in that moment. So he had to wait in this position! He has to adapt to my situation not reverse. I enjoyed a three course menue and before I went to bed I fucked my slave.

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fs001 said...

Such a lucky (and well trained) slave, Sir!

Andy said...

What a lovely evening for the two of you!