Thursday, May 2, 2019

Borrowing my slave to another Master

I really like the idea of borrowing my slave to another (natural!) Master and therefore my slave has to trust me and my decision I made to 1000%. I am proud about my slave and how I trained him. Therefore I love to demonstrate him to other worthy Master-colleagues. Furthermore it is a good way to show dominance and to show to whom a slave belongs.

I have to distinguish two situation: The first one is that I am present while borrowing my slave to another Master and the second is that I am away while I borrowed him. For each situation there are pros and cons but in both situation I am responsible for what will happen to my slave! I have to ensure there is no "danger" for him and that the Master-colleague keeps to the rule and acts in the given frame. To borrow my slave means that I hand over my slave to another Master and do not intervene or interact with my slave or the other Master. Except it is an emergency.

Situation 1: I am present while I borrow my slave
The main benefit is that I can evaluate the performance of my slave while he is serving the other Master. If I have the impression there is room for improvement or he had not done is job good enough I will train him more and of course he will feel the crop after the guest left. Furthermore I like to see my slave working on satisfying my Master-colleague as a sign of being a good host! It makes me proud to see the progression of his slave trainings and that he has to serve to whom I order him and in the way I trained him! And there is no better compliment as to hear from a Master-colleague that I trained my slave very well and he enjoyed him.

But some Master cannot fully enjoy the slave if someone is attending. The lack of "privacy" can be in their way to fully dominate a slave. Furthermore for the slave it is not such an huge step to serve another master while his owner is in the room because the attendance of his owner gives the slave security. But here lies another benefit: I can intervene when a Master-colleague cross a red line or if the Master-colleague has question.

As a good host I make sometime the offer to borrow my slave for a certain amount of time to my Master-colleagues. So it can happen that after my slave served us dinner I ask my guest if he wants to enjoy my slave without me "interupting". I then work something on my computer or read an articel while I borrowed my slave.

I am away while I borrow my slave
This is the highest honer I can give to any Master-colleague! To borrow my slave without attending the scene! Therefore you have to earn my full trust and also be a natural Master who has an similar view and mindset about BDSM. It means I hand over the precious thing I own: my slave.

So for the slave this is of course more thrilling to be borrowed to another Master without his owner attending. If the Master-colleague can only enjoy the slave in private this is of course a big benefit for him.

Here is a blogentry of my slave where I borrowed him to a friend of mine: link

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Anonymous said...

I can totally relate to your words, Master D. :-)

fs001 said...

Must be so thrilling for Your sub, Sir!!!
i'm sure he doesn't want to disappoint the Master he serves because it is also abour Your reputation as a trainer, Sir. So i'm sure he performs 1000% to give satisfaction, Sir.