Monday, April 29, 2019

Insufficient Post-Quality: How should my slave be punished?

Dear followers,
as you perhaps know my slave has the order to also write posts for this Blog. Before his post are released, I read and evaluate them. In one of his upcoming Post the quality of the Post did not reached my expectations. So I ordered him to correct that. But for the insufficient quality he will receive a punishment and because you (the followers) would have been affected I want to give you the possibility to decide which kind of punishment he should receive.

Here the possibilities which you can choose from:

  • The Pillory
    In this option you will put my slave as punishment in a stress position. He will be put in a pillory for 30 minutes.
  • The Crop
    In this option you will punish my slave with 30 lashes with the crop on his ass, while he is tied up on the bench.
  • The CB
    In this option my slave has to wear the chastity device for 48 Hours.
  • The Cage
    In this option my slave will be put in his cage for about 1 hours. He will be restrained so that he is unable to sleep in the cage and receives some thoughts time.
  • Mercy
    In this option you can spare him from any kind of punishment.

Please vote here, you have time until 5th of May 2019: Voting closed.
Here the result:

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