Thursday, April 18, 2019

Eating out as Master and slave

Even if you have the perfect slave at home that cooks for you and gives you a blowjob while you are eating - sometimes you want to or have to eat outside. Even though the waiters there are fully clothed and can not be punished if they do something wrong - like you can do with your slave at home.
Eating out can be different for a Master and slave couple in comparison to a vanilla couple. You have to decide how much you want to show that you are in charge or how much autonomy you give your slave.
The first question is of course to which restaurant you are going. There are Masters that like to choose all the restaurants and their slaves have to obey and follow. It gives them full power over their slaves. But of course there are also Masters that like that their slaves to choose the perfect restaurant and make a reservation in advance. Those Masters like it when the can outsource those tasks to their submissives. My Master and I are somewhere in between. He likes it when I name three places where we could go to. Places I know that are good, that are open at that time etc. and my Master chooses from those three options. In this way he does not have to burden himself with doing the research for a good restaurant, but still hast the possibility to choose the final location.

Unfortunately there are only a few SM restaurants where your slave can eat from a dog bowl under the table. Most restaurants do not have such extras. So your slave will be very likely sitingt with you at the table. The next question is on who decides what do drink and eat. Again some Masters like it when they can determine everything, so they choose what their slaves eat and drink and they order for them. Some like to show their power by order something smaller than they have, something their slaves do not like to eat or they set their slaves on a diet-meal. Other Masters like it just the other way round. They expect their slaves to know their favorite dishes and which wine fits to which course and so the slave has to choose the food and drinks for both of them. Of course he will be punished if he chooses something wrong. In my case I'm mostly free to choose on my own. If my Master does not approve my chosen food and drinks he interferes and orders something different for me. When I can't decide what to take I also sometimes ask him to order for me.
Before leaving you still have the to answer the question if the Masters pays, or the slave or if you split bills.
But in any case - ideally you get some leftovers in a doggy bag for your human dog at home:-)

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