Thursday, April 25, 2019

Should your slave be allowed to work?

Many people who connect with us ask us if I'm allowed to work. In many SM-stories the slave stays 24/7 at home. Sometimes he isn't even allowed to leave the house. His Master leaves in the morning, the slave works all day at home for the Master and knees at the entrance till his Owner returns. I don't think that works in reality for long.

In my opinion slaves should not only be allowed to work, but they should be encouraged to have a job. Some Masters might disagree, but hear me out, I think there a several reasons why a slave should be allowed to work.

1. Financial reasons. In a relationship where Master and slave work you have two incomes and can afford a bigger flat, house or expensive SM toys like a cage. You can do more things than having just one income.
2. Social security reasons. In many countries a working place is connected with social insurance like: health care, retirement plans etc. Those are very important things for every human being and also for your slave.
3. Other security reasons. Even if the Master earns a fortune and could easily afford all those mentioned things than there are still some reasons why it would be good that the slave has at least a part-time job. Just imagine things don't work out and you and your slave split up someday. Then he would have nothing at all and would not be able to afford his own living. Or even worse, something happens to the Master, he gets ill etc. and can't work anymore. Then it would depend on the slave to gain the income for both of them.
4. Personal reasons. A slave at a workplace comes in contact with other people, new ideas and he learns new things. You might find it valuable that your slave develops as a person and can talk with you about different subjects. He is definitely a better chat partner than if the only person he would come in contact with was his Owner.
5. Dependence reasons. If your slave is allowed to work he is not 100% dependent on you. You might think now that is not a good thing. But when your slave is not 100% dependent on you and he still stays as your slave you know it is for other reasons than he only has to stay because is totally dependent on you.

As you might have guessed, I'm allowed to have a job. Actually it works pretty well for as both. My Master takes interest in my work and in my career and likes it to see when I'm successful there. Of course there are still several things where you know that I'm the slave. For example we choose our place to live closer to his working place, not to mine and I still have to do all my slave chores even if I have busy and/or hard times at work. I think my Master likes it to see when I'm really busy at work and I still come home every evening and perform my slave chores. Then he knows I have to put 110% effort in it. He loves it when I struggle and still succeed to be a good slave.

This is how it works in our relationship, and it works out pretty well for us.
Another special case would be when the Master owns his own company and his slave is not only his slave but also his employee. And there even might be the situation where only the slave works and the Master stays at home and enjoys his free time.

How is it in your relationship? Do both Master and slave have a job?
If you have any question or comments about this post let me know in the comment below.

Comment from Master D.:
As I read all posts from my slave before I evaluate and publish them, I want to add some more lines to this topic. As you read I allow my slave to work because of the reason he mention above but I want to add that if I would find out that he struggle from his job I would order him to quit and search for a new job. I want a physical and psychological healthy slave! As long as he is happy in is his job and the "struggel" from the job is on a normal level and only temporary everything is fine.

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Pote said...

I am also allowed to work and continue to carry out my duties as a slave, but I admit that I dream of being kept as a domestic slave or one who works only as an animal, not as a person. I have a desire to be transformed into a stupid and inferior animal for real. Work keeps us as men.

Unknown said...

While i am retired from my previous job, i now have a part-time job so that Sir has extra income to do things that he likes. i feel that the part-time job is just as much a service to my Sir as are my sexual and household services. But like Pote, i too wish for a deeper D/s relationship. It gives me something to fantasize about rather than the struggles to live it.

Slave M. said...

Thank you both for your comments and for sharing for your thoughts with us and our readers!
I can deeply understand your wish to be at home the whole him and serve your Master 24/7 without going to work. I think some similar wish lies within most of us natural and real slaves. I also feel that having a job is also a way of serving my Master and showing my slave-status. I have to got to work and still perform my duties at home and do my sexual and household services. And with my income I contribute to my Masters wellbeing in one way or another. It is good to know that there are others who live similar and share the same thoughts so once again thank you for your comments!

Argos Pup said...

This is a very interesting topic.
I have noticed there are cultural differences on SM-stories about it, as well.
In Brazil, for example, those stories are centered on only the slave going to work, while the Master enjoys his free day. In real life, I guess it is more commmon both going to work.