Thursday, April 4, 2019

Ordering a slave to my hotel room

Unfortunately my slave could not come with me on my business trip to the US. So after a week of work and nobody serving me it was time for relaxing. And how can a Master relax the best? Correct, with a slave serving him.
I really put less effort in finding a slave and decided if I do not find something in the next minutes I will do something else for the evening. One profile received my attention and I wrote to the slave what I was expecting from him. He was ready to serve and I ordered him to come at a specific time to my Hotel room.

I gave the slave the following instruction:
He was not allowed to speak, only when spoken to. He has to come into the room, immediately go to the bathroom to strip of his clothes, crawl to me and beginn to lick my feet. His only job is to focus on my feet. Lick them, massage them. Nothing else. So before he came I had a taste for a beer, so I ordered him to bring me one.

I was sitting in the chair on the other end of the room reading my book when he entered through the door. Only the reading lamp was enlighten the room. I gave him no attention and read my book. He went like ordered to the bathroom, stripped off and crawled (with the beer) to my feet and began to lick like ordered. I kept reading in my book and gave him no attention. While reading I peek to the slave. His tongue work was good but his posture was a disaster. No body tension, no style. I wanted to enjoy my evening with a beer, a book and a slave licking my feet! I do not wanted to train a slave tonight. Especially because I will probably never see him again. Why should I invest effort by training him?

So I enjoyed the night, reading, hearing music while a slave was kneeling before me licking my feed. At the same time my slave was at home, eagerly awaiting my return, wearing a chastity device and sleeping on the floor. My slave is only allowed to sleep in the bed when he requests it with licking my feet when I am in bed. So during a trip he has no chance to sleep in the bed.

The quality of the slave was poor but I did not searched for a well trained slave. I searched for a lick slave who only job is to be quiet and lick my feet, while I enjoyed a book/music and that job he has done well. It was relaxing and I enjoyed his tongue!

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Anonymous said...

Sir ,
If i may ask ? What is the right posture ? I noticed a same remark About a slave in a previous post .
My highest regards

Master D. said...

Hi Slave,
Yes of course you may ask. The right posture depends on the situation. My slave is trained to take different kind of postures by command or situation. Perhaps I will write a post about these postures. But what I meant in my post is, that the posture the slaves took had no body tension. When kneeling or being on all four before me his back was bend and not straight. His legs were not parallel to each other and so on…
The detail matters.
But these (details) are things which slaves had to be trained.
Stay tuned and enjoy the blog!