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The System of Bonus- & Punitive Points for my Slave

To live the BDSM lifestyle it is necesairy to have system. A System which the slave can relate to. So over the years I created a system to ensure my slave have to do his slave duties and his chores in an appropriated quality! Furthermore I ensure with the system that it is in his interest to complete his weekly slave trainings which I plan for him. But let's start at the beginning.

To live the BDSM lifestyle means to bring together the private, family and business live in one. At the start I tried to plan exactly when I want to train my slave and give him the orders for his chores but life shows that is can be difficult. Spontaneous events came up and made it hard to plan so I decided to introduce a system. Why should I invest time and effort to find a free time slot for my slave to do chores and slave training?

So I started with a system where my slave receives bonus points (B-Points) for doing his slave chores/training and punitive points (P-Points) for not doing his chores/trainings or if he does it in an insufficient way. So my slave have to find the free time in the given time slot for his trainings/chores. For every task/chore/training he receives a time-slot in which he has to do the task but he can decide when exactly he want to do it. After doing his task/chores he has to report and I will evaluate his performance. If he forget to report and therefore I do not evaluate his task/chore the task/chore is rated as "not done" and the maximum of punitive points goes to his account.

Because I want that my slave takes the tasks/chore/trainings serious he receives a lot more p-points for not doing his tasks/chore/trainings as b-points for doing it. Why?
Because I expect that slaves do their imposed jobs/task/training properly for their Masters and not because their receive b-points for it. As the name says it is only a "bonus". That is the reason why my slave receive only a few point for his tasks/chores. Daily (small) chores like washing the dishes, cooking, shopping, serving the meal are "daily" tasks which I expect from him. Therefore he receive no bonus points. The key to receive a lot more points lays in the different slave trainings which he has to complete during a month. The training have mostly a time-slot during the weekend.  In the training the high protocol to the trainings applies. And during every training he gets evaluated in the following areas:

  • Preparation for the training
  • Posture during the training
  • Behavior & Quality during the training
  • "Mind set" during the training

For each of this areas I evaluate him and give him 0 to 5 evaluation "stars". If he receive for all area the 5 evaluation "stars", he receive the maximum of bonus points for this training. Depending on the kind of training the maximum B-Points varies.
The time-slot for his dogslave training is set between 3. January until 5 January and he can reveice max. 15 B-Points.
So my slaves comes to me and asks if we can start the dogslave training and I normaly agree to it. He makes all preparation for the training and its starts then. During the training he perhaps make some minor "mistake", receives the crop and of course it will impact his evaluation. So at the end of the training he receive perhaps the following evaluation: 
Preparation for the training:                       4 from 5 Stars
Posture during the training                         4 from 5 Stars
Behavior & Quality during the training     3 from 5 Stars
"Mind set" during the training                   5 from 5 Stars 
 So he will receives around 12 B-Points to his B-Point account. 
But this does not mean that he receive B-Points for everything I am doing with him!
As example I am using my slave right now as a table while writing this post. So he is kneeling before me. His head kissing the floor, his ass up, his cock locked up and his hand bound to his feed. My laptop on his ass while typing this words! I use him because I want to use him that way, because I gave him the order. It is not part of a training unit. He will not receive any points for that. It is part of his slave life to serve me that way if I order him to.

So he receives only b-points for his tasks/chores and for training-unit where train him to my need. If I want to train him new thinks or give new rules it will happen in a training-unit.

On the other hand they are the punitive points (P-Points) for mistake or not well performed tasks. For these my slave receives punishment. Sometimes immediately, sometimes delayed. When his P-Points balance is too high I decide to count his B-Points against P-Points after a training unit.
In cause of the example above:
He would only receive 6 B-Points from the training and 6-Points would be used to reduce 6 P-Points. So the punishment behind this is, that he has to work harder to receive an orgasm.
There is one exception where my slave receive first B-Points which will then immediately and fully count against P-Points and it is more a "psychological" reason. When I want to use him for my sadistic pleasure without the ulterior motive of punishing him, he receives first B-Points. Because he was a good slave enduring the pain for my joy and that should be rewarded with B-Points.

That is the way I train my slave.

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