Thursday, May 9, 2019

Slavery in everyday life - part 2

If you follow our blog regularly you will have noticed that my Master has do go on business trips quite often. Normally that means that I prepare and pack his luggage, take care of our flat and all the other things in his absence and wait for him till he comes back to give him a welcome like a Master would expect.

Recently he found more ways to use his slave before his business trips.

Some time ago he had to catch a very early plane, where he had to leave the house at 5am to go to the airport. Normally he would have called a cab, but this time he thought it had more style if his personal slave-driver would bring him to the airport. The evening before he left I had to pack his luggage and prepare everything for his trip. The next morning I had to wake up before him, clean my slave body and then wake up my Master by licking his feet. He likes to get woken up in a soft way early in the morning, and not by an alarm clock. After that my Master went to the shower while I was allowed to put on my clothes. Later it put his luggage into the trunk. Then I drove him to the airport where I dropped him off close to the entrance. I walked with him as far as possible to accompany him and make sure he had everything he needed. After that I was allowed to go home. I was incredibly tired all day, but at the same time I was very proud that my Master had chosen me to be his personal driver and not a random cab driver. I think this was a very nice and stylish way I could serve my Master.

Just the other day I was again packing the suitcase for my Master for his next business trip. Obviously my Master found that I already had some routine in it and so he decided to make it a little bit more challenging. He took the nipple clamps which are connect via chain and put them onto my nipples in very painful way. So there I was. Having the hurting nipple camps on me and rushing through the rooms to get all the things my Master would need. I had to bent down, reach out and stretch myself to get all the stuff, so that my nipples really hurt that evening! But in the end I succeeded. I packed for my Master business and leisure clothes, presents for his business associates and many things more. After that I was relieved from the painful nipple clamps. But more than the physical relief I was proud that I had successfully performed the task for my Master without complaining.

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