Thursday, December 13, 2018

How my Master owns and trains my ass

When I first met my Master I was not at all into dildos, plugs or into being fucked. In fact it not only gave me no pleasure, it also hurt quite a lot.

My Master was well aware of this situation when I became his permanent slave. He reacted quite reasonable and calm about that special situation. He said it was no problem for him that I neither was into anal play nor that I was not able to take in plugs. But he made himself absolutely clear that he expected his slave to be fucked at any time. And that he also expected that his slave could take in plugs and dildos when ordere. He stated that my ass now belonged to him. So he sat up a strict training schedule which I had to perform until today.

Since I became his slave I had to plug myself on a regular basis. Starting with very small plugs for beginners for just a small period of time, getting bigger each and every year. The bigger the plugs got - the longer I had to take them. But not only that, over the time they got more diverse. My Master started to give me the anal hook, a doggy tail, a pony tail, an inflatable dildo, etc.
And of course he trained me how to take a good fuck. At first it caused me so much pain that he had to chain me each and every time. As he is also a sadistic person, I think he really enjoyed it that he caused me so much pain every time he fucked me. It has become better and better over the years.

Now I don't have to be chained, bound and gagged any more. But often enough my tears burst out or I moan because of the pain while my Master fucks me. He still seems to enjoys that, and I'm happy that he has fun fucking me. I'm pleased that I can satisfy him.
As for the plugs he became more and more creative. In fact he also encouraged me to come up with own ideas for my anal training, so I could get more orgasms points. I came up with the idea of plugging myself and then go shopping, or that we go out together for a walk etc. He really seams to love strolling with my through the area while he knows that I'm plugged.

Several years after the training has started it has definitely not come to an end. I still need to plug myself regularly. But now I'm proud of myself that I can carry the plug. I'm a proud slave because I have achieved the goals my Master has set for me. And he is proud that his slave performed so well under his training. In fact I enjoy carrying the plug while I'm doing house chores. Don't get me wrong, I still hate that thing inside me and it gives me no lust whatsoever. But I love feeling the plug my Master has bought for me inside of me, because it is a symbol of him. And feeling it every time I bend down while I'm cooking, cleaning and doing chores for my Master, that makes me proud, because my Master is than very close and near to me and I can feel him with me.

My Master wrote also his point of view about this topic. You can find it here.

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slave p said...

Very nice to read that a great slave like you really understood the concept of losing control, especially of his body. slave ass belong to Master and generally it is an endless source of fun for him, pain of the slave, or enjoyment of what is inserted inside is not the point you’re right : making your Master satisfied is so much better. As you are kept in chastity you did not started to have « anal orgasm » (without cum shot) ? On my personal side, chastity considerably changed that aspect.

Master D. said...

Hi slave p,
I will answer your question. No, to this day my slave had never an anal orgasm, but perhaps it will happen one day. As you perhaps read I keep him chaste, so it could happen.
Stay tuned.