Thursday, December 6, 2018

Reflections on being a naked slave

My Master has recently in post explained why he is keeping me naked. So I thought I add my point of view on the topic if and what slaves should wear.

First of all it is absolutely clear that different kind of Masters prefer different kind of clothings on their slaves. Some like them naked, some like them in rubber, in leather etc. Sometimes the clothing of a slave depends on the session you are having. For example if the Master wants a butler you should wear a suit etc.
I had Masters with all different approaches to clothes on me. Some didn't care at all what I was wearing while I served them and others told me every little detail about what I should wear to please them. But most of the Masters I had liked me naked or just with a few clothes on my slavebody. As a slave you fulfill those orders, to fulfill the lust and wishes of your Masters.
As my Master pointed out he prefers slaves that are totally naked except for the cuffs most of the time.

In the beginning that was very hard for me. Of course I was used to be naked during sessions, but being naked over a weekend, a week, later months and then for the last years was difficult to accustom. There are several things that have to be considered. First of all there is the problem with the temperature. Most places to live are getting quite cold during winter time, when you can't wear clothes. You need to find ways to keep your slave warm evening during wintertime, otherwise he might get ill and can't serve you anymore. Another challenge that I had to learn was cooking. As a naked slave you have to be much more careful because there are no clothes between you and hot boiling water etc. But over time I learned it to be really careful and now I see the benefits, because while I'm cooking naked I can't ruin my clothes;-)

Actually I now like to be naked. I like the fact that my Master has access all to the time to my body. As I'm not allowed to touch my dick or nipples it really gives me pleasures when my Master is playing with my nipples and dick. And boy he loves to do that! Sometimes I just do normal house chores and then I feel his hand touching me. Immediately I stop what I was doing and go in a position where he has the best and most comfortable access to the part of my body he wants to play with. Usually after some minutes he allows me to go on with my duties, most of the time with a boner or hard nipples, I did not had before.

I have now accepted it to be naked. It is for me a clear sign of natural hierarchy that my Master is allowed to wear clothes and I'm not. In fact stripping out of my clothes after entering our flat has become completely normal to me. Indeed I feel uncomfortable when I'm with clothes next to my Master.

So what do you think?
In which clothes do you like your slaves best?
What clothes does your Master prefer on you?

If you have any question or comments about this post let me know in the comment below.


Pote said...

I fully agree with the conditions He has set for you. Animal dresses always look pathetic or ridiculous. Dogs, horses, cats or pigs are not dressed, why should slaves? Nudity reinforces the animal condition of the slave.
Once, a decade ago, I visited a Dominator who had a 24/7 slave living with him. They lived in a large, old apartment in the center of town, and the Dominator rented one of the rooms to another man, his tenant.
The Dominator was about sixty, his slave too, the tenant was younger, about 50 years old. It was the tenant who answered the door and welcomed me, sympathetically.
I was rather surprised to see that the slave was running around the house naked, wearing only a long leather collar around his neck.
He was a sad figure, his body was very thin, hairless, his head bald, he had large rings piercing his two nipples, and another at the end of his penis, he was absolutely silent and his gaze always bowed. It was clear that he was not in that condition because of my visit, he was always like that.
He was retired, staying at home all day taking care of the cleaning, the kitchen and the clothes of his Owner and the tenant.
I was just talking to my fellow Dominator. The animal stood in the living room looking at the floor attentive to the conversation, when requested brought and served the coffee, water and snacks.
The Dominator did not even look at his beast.
The most fun was the normality of the way everyone treated their condition.
I believe that the Dominator loved to receive visitors who could act with absolute naturalness in front of his slave.
I believe your Master will soon have that pleasure too.

Slave M. said...

Thank you Master Pote for reading the slaves' post and sharing your thoughts with us! For me it sounds like a natural master-slave relationship they both had. Being naked at home, being silent and being attentive to the conversation of Masters just in case that orders are given, is something that we also live. It is great that you had a nice evening with the dominator, my Master also enjoys when other Dominators are visiting and he can and his slave can behave normally.